Monday, September 21, 2015

N.Y. Jets: Are you ready for some Monday Night Fitzpatrick?

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New York Jets
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The House that Peyton Manning Built

New York Jets: Defeating the Browns is no hook to hang a jersey on.  This evening's road game against the Colts will be far more indicative of where Gang Green stands.

Welcome to prime time..., right?

No Bermuda shorts required - minus the healthy services of Antonio Cromartie, who participated in limited practice this week, Andrew Luck will have little reason for visiting Revis Island this evening.

Even though Indianapolis's T.Y Hilton is questionable, the Jets can't alter their defensive plan too much, as Frank Gore and the Colts' big offensive line offer no quarter.

I'm sure Coach Bowles and his staff viewed Week One's Colts/Bills game film over, and over again.   Rex Ryan's defense limited the Colts to 14 points, and induced a pair of INT's.  I'm not sure the Jets can afford surrendering many more points than that.

Getting Ryan Fitzpatrick involved in a shoot-out with Andrew Luck is perhaps the last thing Coach Bowles wants.  Last week, Fitzpatrick went for an inaccurate 15/24 for 179 yards largely because the running game carried the offensive load.  Ryan otherwise was put in good positions to make a pair of TD passes.  He also threw a pick, but then again Andrew Luck threw 2 against Buffalo as well.

The Jets, however, can potentially catch Indy on a bad night.  After Vontae Davis, the Colts secondary is pretty banged up.  Brandon Marshal will get his reps, but Eric Decker and Chris Owusu should expect more action than last week.

Running the ball as the Jets did last week against Cleveland would still be an optimal way of keeping the pigskin out of Luck's hands.  Chris Ivory rushed 20 times for 91 yards, while Bilal Powell added 62 yards on 12 rushes.  However, Ivory is nursing a barking groin, and is at the least compromised heading into the game.

Such as life in the NFL.

Defeating the Cleveland Browns is no hook to hang a jersey on, and so this evening's road game against the Colts will be far more indicative of where the Jets stand.  They'll either end the night tied with New England at 2-0, or join the rest of the division with a 1-1 record, which wouldn't be the worst place to be - yet.

One way or another, much of what the world thinks about the Jets will get decided tonight.

So, buckle up.

The real New York Jets season takes off....., now.

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