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Snoopy Bowl 2015: Gang Green Leaves Giants Feeling Blue

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N.Y. Jets        28
N.Y. Giants    18

Let's face it, the only thing worth talking about is the first half.  The rest was a matter of deciding whom gets cut when rosters get paired down to 75 on September 1st.

On the Giants side of the ball, much of today's talk centers around how the offense took important steps forward.  If one very effective scoring drive does a pre-season game make, then I guess Big Blue indeed did well.

After a listless 1st quarter, the Giants put forth a far more comforting effort in the 2nd.

Starting at their own 20-yard line, the Giants mounted a 14-play, 85-yard scoring drive that consumed 8:09 of the clock.  Including penalties, the Giants rushed 9 times during the drive, while Eli put 8 balls in the air.

...and If I may, I found the acute running effort very pleasing.

But, despite being a spectator at last night's game I must have missed all the other positive offensive steps forward being spoken of today.

In the all important 1st quarter, the Jets made 7 first downs against the Giants one.

The Giants were unable to capitalize on a rash of early Jets penalties.  They displayed an overall inability to sustain the run, leading to many impotent three-and-outs.  Rashad Jennings had 9 rushes for 28-yards, or, 3.1 yards per carry, and a touchdown.  Akeem Hunt performed better against the B-squads, rushing 5 times for 25-yards, with a long of 15-yards.  They combined on 14 rushes for 53-yards, averaging 3.8 yards per carry.

Meanwhile, Eli chipped away throwing 10/11 passes for 71 rather inconsequential yards just prior to surrendering a pick-six.  He ended up 12/16 for 91 yards, or, 5.7 yard per pass.  Overall, Eli and Coach McAdoo showed little interest in throwing down field.

At times the pocket just proved too dangerous for making reads.... as if.  The offensive line allowed a pair of sacks and a whole bunch of touches.  Add that to a poor night of run blocking, and that spells trouble ahead.

On a more positive note, I watched Odell Beckham Jr. having a wonderful time on Revis Island.  He was targeted 6 times and completed 5 receptions, highlighted by another one of those remarkable one-handed catches, albeit with one foot out of bounds.

Subtract Eli's pick-six, and the defense still allowed 21 points depending on your personal accounting methods.  

To be fair, Ryan Fitzpatrick should have connected on that 1st quarter post to Eric Decker for a touchdown.  The Giants secondary presently has more problems than a math book.  And besides, all teams usually score on that play - it's just a matter of shading the safety and timing.

Good job by Fitzpatrick...

However, a high school team would have handled the Jets screen pass to Zac Stacy that went for a 24-yard touchdown.

Why did that play work so well?  

Answer: The play itself was well set-up.  Once the Giants began over-pursuing the run, calling a screen pass was a lay-up.  So obvious in fact, it bordered sickening if not for being a pre-season contest.  The Jets had spent the majority of their previous plays pounding the ball on the ground.   Overall, Zac Stacy and Chris Ivory combined on 19 rushes for 98 yards.  And just so you know, Tommy Bohanon put the Jets well over 100-yards for the game.

If you're a Jets fan, take everything I said as Giants fan, convert it, and be happy.

You can't help but be satisfied with Ryan Fitzpatrick's efficient performance.  He completed 9/14 passes for 127 yards (9.1 ypp) and threw a pair of touchdowns.  And as noted, the ground game had its way against the Giants defense, rushing behind a good offensive line led by Nick Mangold.

Why couldn't they do that for me? - something Rex Ryan might say...

If you're a Giants fan, stop scratching your head.  You're just gonna make it bleed.


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