Friday, July 31, 2015

N.Y. Mets: Binge Podcasting

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS: !Que bruto!

This has been one of the more surreal weeks in recent Mets history.

The Mets have relied on strong, effective, consistent pitching to weave themselves into playoff contention, along with gaining a measure of league wide respect and recognition as such.

Matters away from the pitching mound, however, continue fraying the edges of this nicely woven, albeit incomplete tapestry.

I can't help but chime in on Jenrry Mejia, whom, because of all the late breaking developments emanating out of Flushing, has escaped the general public's wrath.

.....handed a 2nd suspension a mere 20 days after returning from his initial suspension for testing positive for steroids.  He must now sit out 162 games as of Tuesday.

How ponderous is it, that he got busted taking old school(!) steroids?  That's like still using dial up internet.  Steroids...Really?  Like, the basic old fashioned Canseco type?  Loosy-goosy A-Rod stuff?

That's like the U-Bet of doping!

Who even knows what U-Bet is anymore?  Hint: think Boscoe, or just forget it.

Now for the other stuff:

Here's out most recent podcasts at 

Here's the deal:

We left off Episode #110 last Thursday putting ownership's feet to the fire.
Then, on the heels of Sandy Alderson's trade to acquire Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson, 
Sam called me around midnight seeing if I wanted to do a podcast at 1:00am.  
I couldn't resist, and so on the air we went.

Rising Apple Report, Episode #110 1/2: An Impromptu Metsian Exhale

We held a follow-up podcast on Wednesday night, and what a show it was.

  Rising Apple Report - Episode #111: 3 Days left For Another Mets Move

My guest was an impressive 13-year old Mets fan extraordinaire from Los Angeles, and, another fan of the show calling from the southwest mountains of Virginia, to whom I extended an invitation after receiving his emailing regarding our podcast.  We also took several live callers which went well.


The Mets season up until game #100, Noah Syndergaard's recent dominant performance.
Sandy Alderson's trade acquisitions, remaining trade possibilities.
The ponderous Tulowitzki/Reyes trade.
How about that Ruben Tejada?  Jenrry Mejia is an idiot!
Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson.
1969, 2010, and players who've worn #10 in Mets history,
and loads of other stuff.

With a Thursday day game, why not have another...

This time Rich hosted, and we were joined by Rising Apple editor Danny, and The Coop!


The 2012 season, and players who've worn #12 in Mets history.
John Stearns beat up a pitcher in 1980.

One small step forward for Mets fans; One giant leap backwards for Mets kind!
The botched Carlos Gomez for Zack Wheeler/Wilmer Flores trade, 
and the whole fiasco that transpired at Citi Field because of it.
Did Terry Collins throw Sandy Alderson under the bus?  Social media crap.

The Brooklyn Cyclones seize first place.

senior staff writer/Rising Apple

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