Monday, June 22, 2015

Episode #107 - That Boulder Rolling Down Hill has a Mets Logo on it

Here's our latest podcast at 

Sam wanted a rant, so I gave him one, or two.

Sam, the Converted Met Fan, hosted, I offered my two cents, 
and John from was our featured guest.

The passings of Darryl Hamilton and Nelson Doubleday...
Wilpon rants, Stephan Marbury? more Wilpon rants, Sandy Alderson rants...
Does NYC foster chaos and dysfunction?  Promises promises, and fan backlash,
Wilmer Flores, Dillon Gee, Michael Cuddyer, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo.
Mets players who've worn #7, the 2007 season, a President, 
What if the Mets had moved to Brooklyn?  Wait Till Next Year, and more.

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