Wednesday, April 08, 2015

N.Y. Mets: First Strange Decision of the Season

From the desk of: HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

New York Mets: First Game Of Season Produces First Questionable Decision.

One game into the season and we have our first controversy - Lineup Gate - that Monday's lineup was largely influenced by Sandy Alderson and was an exercise in Money Ball philosophy.

C. Granderson
D. Wright
L. Duda
M. Cuddyer
D. Murphy
J. Lagares
W. Flores
T. d'Arnaud

Why have a manager then.., to make sure they don't bat out of order?  Or, as I've heard, to get the best hitters the most at-bats?


Did the Mets need to create a controversy so early?

Curtis Granderson was signed to provide power, not bat lead-off.  And after gearing-up Juan Lagares to bat lead-off all Spring, they bat him fifth?

Brought to you by your resident over thinkers...

What I took away from game #1:

Bartolo Colon and the Meta were able to wait-out Max Scherzer until the Nat's became the first team to blink.

Lucas Duda and Travis d'Anaud coming through with a pair of big, late, clutch hits, making the Nationals pay for their defensive miscues.

Wilmer Flores made a solid play ranging to his right, and making a long throw to first base ending the game.

Down Goes Mejia:

The man already has one Tommy John surgery on his resume.  Mejia has now been placed on the DL with (inflammation) pain in his elbow.  An MRI showed no ligament or structural damage.

This might only be a short term setback, but this nevertheless makes the 3rd compromised pitcher for the Mets after Zack Wheeler and Josh Edgin.  Even then, the Mets newly established depth still seems able to absorb this loss as well.


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