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The Hoops of Flatbush: Knicks vs. Nets - III

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Nets lead series 2-0
I - Nets 110; Knicks 99
II - Nets 98; Knicks 93

New York Knicks
Brooklyn Nets
Flatbush Avenue at Atlantic Avenue

New York Knicks: C'mon Phil, You Don't Really Expect Us To Believe That.., Do You?

Phil Jackson's work has only just begun.  He hasn't even experienced his first draft as the head Knick in charge yet.  To date, all he's done is rid the roster of some ill fitting players.

That's why I do not buy Phil Jackson's mea culpa one bit.

Phil Jackson didn't need to take this job, and is signed for a lot of money, which invariably means he's not going anywhere.  Therefore, saying the present state of the Knicks is his fault, at the most is a smoke screen, and at the very least, is a non issue, and certainly no skin off his hide.

I think he's just deflecting heat away from his head coach and faltering team.

This is a man who loves playing mind games.  They don't call him the Zen Master for nothing.  He once had Michael Jordan's Bulls sit silently in a dark room for 2 hours.

The merits of the triangle system are still up for debate.  There's something to it, that has nothing to do with the overwhelming brilliance of Michael Jordan.  Shaq says the system unequivocally works, and that it's the Knicks players who fail to understand it.  If Shaq can grasp, and execute Phil Jackson's system, that's good enough for me.

Should the Knicks abandon Phil Jackson's geometry, and let Coach Fisher adapt a style according the strengths of the personnel?

Well, if Phil Jackson does his job, the personnel should surely change by November.

Brooklyn Nets: Is Billy King's Finger On The Button?

There's hope for this team after all.


That's what a pair of victories against the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Atlantic Division leading Toronto Raptors says.  Their previous effort in regulation time against the Raptors on Jan. 30th also did not go unnoticed.

If you want to call Brooklyn's recent effort a turnaround, consider that it came with Jarrett Jack, Alan Anderson, and Mason Plumlee leading the way.

That said, the upcoming trade deadline is fast becoming the most curious moment since the Nets inaugural opening night in Brooklyn.

Should Billy King blow this team up?

You're damn right he should.  The best days of this highly paid group are behind them, or so I think. The Nets tried with the trio of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez, and failed.

I do not necessarily believe that Billy King deserves to be the one who gets to push the button though.  However, pushing the button is nevertheless warranted.

Joe Johnson is movable because he is perhaps the most dependable player of the group.  Despite an onerous contract, he's a respected, and known commodity.

The same can not be said of Brook Lopez and Deron Williams, whom can't seem to shake nagging injuries.  If teams want any of these three, Billy King should negotiate a deal.

But what if the team really is turning a corner under Coach Hollins?

At this present time, I do not believe they are.


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