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N.Y. Knicks: We Are Irving Beirman

From the desk of:  DUTCH PANTS CAN'T JUMP

Have you seen Junior's grades?

NEW YORK KNICKS: There are your typical ingrates, human roaches, and the usual assortment of social disease one must combat to survive life in this city.  Then there's James Dolan; the dreaded Boss' son put in charge of an entity (MSG) seemingly to big to fail.  In return for fan loyalty and their hard earned dollars, he systematically destroyed a charter NBA franchise, and continues to pollute their lives with every breath he takes.., just ask Mr. Beirman.

"Start rooting for the Nets because the Knicks don't want you!"

You know who does this sort of thing?  The boss' son, that's who.

It's unfair though, to lump them all together.  Obviously, that's stereotyping.  This particular case, however, is a text book example.  There's no mistaking this species of SON - one who incites nothing but contempt.

We know them well.

There's John Mara, born and raised in the business; the model for executives of inheritance in this city.  There's Hal Steinbrenner, although somewhat previously removed from the game, he was nevertheless raised in the business by a man famously referred to as The Boss, and evidently understands self-restraint; something his father lacked at times.

Then there's little loved Jeff Wilpon.  But even he has been able to (barely) avoid the level of overt and blatant mismanagement of his father's team, and disdain for the fan base that Dolan routinely exhibits.  Jeff suffers from entitlement and a lack of knowledge for the business of baseball - understandable.   Dolan also suffers from entitlement and a lack of knowledge of the game, but also lacks tact, respect, refinement for someone in his position, which goes hand in hand with his lack of professionalism.

Above all, he lacks a clue, and his emailed response to a fan proves it.

Only the boss' brat son would treat a season ticket holder so shabbily, regardless of the content or character of a letter, because only boss' sons are that far removed from the more common experience.

At least dads understand what it takes to build something from scratch, or in Dolan the Elder's case, building Cablevision, then buying MSG/teams.  That's his right as a capitalist and entrepreneur in this country.  It's cats like that who understand the relationship between provider and consumer is generally fragile, but usually rewarding for both.  It's the sons who come behind them wearing their entitlement like a red badge of courage, and operate as if everything and everyone are beneath them.


If there's one person to blame for the pathetic state of the Knicks since 2000, it's James Dolan.  It was the boss' son who put these Knicks in the position they're in; no one else - not his father, not even Isiah Thomas.

The Knicks have been the NBA's longest running joke ever since this man took over operation of the team a little over 15 years ago.

That's roughly one-third of my life time - years Mr. Bierman and I can not get back.

Son of Dolan - who himself underwent drug and alcohol rehabilitation prior to ruining our lives as Knicks and Rangers fans, had the gall to call a disgruntled fan an alcoholic, and accuse him of making his family miserable?

Is James talking from experience?

Go root for the Nets because the Knicks don't want you?

See?  ....Elitist and just plain ignorant.

Father, you've raised an idiot in the most classic sense of the word.  Now, do something about it!


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