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N.Y. Yankees: A-Rod Should Quietly Exit Stage Left And Disappear

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY

Don't look now, but Dumb And Dumber-2 suddenly has competition at the box office.  
Loosey Goosey-2 has just been released, once again featuring Stupid as the main character.

New York Yankees: The best part of Derek Jeter's final season and triumphant send-off was that Alex Rodriguez was nowhere around to pollute the atmosphere.

My father called it cara sin sangre, or, face without blood - the ability to shamelessly lie through your face with the greatest of ease.  A very pretty face in Alex's case and the ability to speak well made him the perfect actor.

Attention shoppers, this is just my opinion:

First, an unfortunate refresher:

2009 (ding! ding! ding!) - Remember when A-Rod took us all for a lighthearted trip down memory lane?  How he was made to revisit those loosey goosey times had with Cousin Yuri during his playing days in hot Texas; when they were both young and inexperienced and stupid....

And that for all they knew they, weren't even administering the juice correctly...?  That's comical.

  • By the way, the Spanish translation for cousin, is primo,  and it just so happens that Primobolan (in addition to testosterone) is the stuff he got caught using (then).

After lying to Katie Couric on TV, he got outed by Sports Illustrated, and had no choice but to admit steroid use between the years 2001-2003.

Now, here's the punchline - It was during Alex Rodriguez' apology that he begged all to judge him by what he did from that moment forward.


Therefore, today, he's a complete joke.

At this point, how can the tabloids, TV, talkies, or otherwise, in right mind concern themselves with how A-Rod (the player formerly known as Alex Rodriguez) can redeem himself?

Are we really that forgiving a society?  Yeah, well, I hope so.  But in A-Rod's case, what's wrong with him spending a little time in the town stockade?  He still gets to walk away a very rich man, not that locking up his head and hands for a while makes it right.  But.....

Redemption?  I read where having a good season in 2015 and getting the Yanks back in the playoffs were good ways to start.

How insulting!  Do they really believe that?

Even in the Land of the Free (Press), his situation (depressing really, yet highly laughable) is extremely toxic.  The blatant disregard and disrespect he exhibited towards Major League Baseball, the Yankees organization and team mates, his Union, its members, and the fans, is extraordinary.

The fans?  Yes, because prior to his arrival, it was quite easy to call on the spur of the moment, and buy a pair of main level seats at Yankee Stadium behind home plate for $100 (total) for my son (the Yankee fan) and me.  That summertime pleasure effectively ended once the Yankees acquired him, and ever since fans were instead made to pay a ridiculously inflated premium to watch him cheat.

So, I can't help but ask why, WHY, why protect (or enable) him further?

C'mon, he's earned over well $300 million dollars over his career, and will never have to work another day in his life.  No one is taking that away from him. God Bless America, ya know.  So what's the harm in some old fashion Pilgrim style finger pointing and ridicule?  After all, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Barry Bonds was made to testify under oath, and admitted that he perhaps unknowingly administered himself with steroids "thinking" it was flax-seed oil, etc.  Riiiigght!  Outside of that, where was Bonds' counter measure slander/libel lawsuit in response to the book Game of Shadows and the BALCO discoveries?  Precisely.

It's the same type fraud Alex perpetrated by going on The Fan/Mike Francesca, threatening MLB and the Yankees with lawsuits.  He continued to lie throughout the process of MLB rediscovering his appetite for FOOD and GUM from Chef Anthony Bosch's Biogenesis kitchen, yet accepted a 1-year ban (because innocent people do that).  Bottom line is Alex never followed through with the lawsuits because he couldn't risk testifying under oath.

That no longer matters.  The truth is out.  Turns out he's been outed yet again, this time through leaked DEA testimony, so says the Miami Herald.

He apparently never stopped taking steroids/HGH.

Let's assume the Yankees must still pay A-Rod even after this latest still-developing episode.  In my perfect world, Hal Steinbrenner would hand Alex a check for the remaining money owed him, and advise him to stay as far away from Yankee Stadium as physically possible, or risk arrest for trespassing.  I would also ban him for life from ever speaking about his days in pinstripes, and from ever uttering the Yankee name.

And I'm not even a Yankee fan, but unlike Alex Rodriguez, I respect what they've accomplished in well over a century of baseball in the Bronx.

In fact, looking back, the best part of Derek Jeter's final season and triumphant send-off was that Alex Rodriguez was nowhere around to pollute the atmosphere.

Three Bronx jeers then, for A-Rod.....


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