Saturday, November 22, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Cowboys Bringing Familiar Smash Mouth Style To Sunday's Game

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It was a nice run, but the party has been over.

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: The Cowboys Running Game Is A Reminder Of What The Giants Used To Be.

The Giants head into Sunday night's game against the Cowboys low-riding a five game losing streak.

After the Giants loss to Niners, Coach Coughlin and particularly Ben McAdoo said three goal-to-go plays weren't all designed to be fades; it just worked out that way.

Okay.  But what we got were three consecutive fade plays nonetheless, and a tipped ball interception on 4th down.  That's what I'll remember most about last week.  It's a sorry state, because I remember a day when the Giants basically telegraphed the run, then dared you to stop them.

That's why you lift all those weights!  Run with power.  -  BP

In any event, wasn't this new offense supposed to resemble Green Bay's?

Newsflash - not with this offensive line.  I wouldn't trust them in a tailgate pick-up game.

An inability to create daylight, while allowing constant pressure on the quarterback are what losing seasons are made of.

Sunday, I suspect the Dallas Cowboys will keep possession and control the clock behind their new offensive line and DeMarco Murray's rushing.  I could be very wrong about that (considering the Giants played the Cowboys well last time they met) but I seriously doubt it because we've watched that formula work here for decades.  Plus, the Cowboys just happen to have the 2nd top running game in football.

The Giants head into Sunday night's game low-riding a five game losing streak.  At this point, there's little to nothing the Giants can do to turn their season around, which is too bad because Perry Fewell's defense finally played a solid game against the 49ers.  But, that said, apparently holding the Niners under 20 points this season has been somewhat easier to do than in seasons past.  Besides, one good performance out of ten should not save Fewell's job.

This all means the Giants strayed from this organization's core values, and that it's high time for John Mara to rethink everything.

In the Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning era, Giants Football been about passing the ball, and having a strong defensive line/pass rush.  It's been a hit or miss approach - Super Bowl or big busts.

Previously. Giants football was traditionally predicated on defense (featuring a Pride of hungry linebackers) and running the ball with power.

There was a name for that style.

It's high time they rediscovered it, and brought that brand of football back home.


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