Monday, November 10, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Clueless In Seattle

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No Defense For Lack Of Basic Understanding

New York Giants Football: Seattle Weather and Seahawks Rain Down On G-Men.

What would a strong second half prove anyway?  That the Giants are a grossly inconsistent team?   Didn't we finally arrive at that conclusion last season?

It's hard to write about the Giants when all I do is repeat myself.

The Giants now have allowed 30+ points in 3 straight games, and twice since the Bye.

If the secondary earned the ire of fans previously, the front seven certainly deserves crap this week.

Jason Pierre Paul had a god awful game.  He failed to stay in his lane.  He failed to provide containment.  He over-pursued plays, and fell victim to cut-backs all day long.  The linebackers were equally guilty.

In what has to be one of the most indicting resultants in recent Giants memory, Seattle's Russell Wilson rushed 21 times for 140 yards, while Marshawn Lynch only rushed 14 times for another 107 yards.  When was the last time you recall a QB attempting more rushes than his premier running back, and out-gaining him by over 30 yards?  What's more, Christine Michael rushed for another 71 yards on just 4 carries.  The total damage was 350 yards allowed on the ground ALONE!  Russell Wilson only attempted 17 passes.

Maelstroms are no stranger to Perry Fewell.

Remember how Michael Vick victimized the Giants for 100+ yards on the ground, and another 300+ through the air while still with the Eagles?  This buffoonery happens routinely under Perry Fewell.

Under Steve Spagnuolo the defense was disciplined, and had TWO very competent linebackers (attention Jerry Reese).  Under Bill Sheridan, the defense played like simpletons.   Under Fewell, they've been nothing short of confounding, confusing, bemusing, and just plain bad.

Debating a lack of talent or diminished depth weighs little when players are poorly coached.

Offensively, Eli's receivers put forth a productive, bounce-back effort.  After dropping numerous passes and generally under-performing in Week Nine, Odell Beckham Jr., Preston Parker and Rueben Randall were very sure-handed.

Once again, the running game was non-existent.  Four Giants combined to rush for a total of 54 yards, or, 1/7'th of Seattle's rushing yardage.

I always say - once is an occurrence; twice is a coincidence, but three times is a trend.

The Giants are now 2-5 within the conference.  Thus far, they've managed victories over the hapless D.C. Hogs and the unimpressive Falcons.  Otherwise, they have lost to the Lions, Cardinals, Cowboys, Eagles, and Seahawks.

They can't compete within their division; they can't compete within the conference.

In other words, the Giants are not competitive.


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