Monday, September 08, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Let The New Blue Experiment Begin

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Week One

Detroit Lions
The Motor City

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: West Coast Offense Finally Makes It's Way Into East Rutherford.

Like I said, I've been out of touch this summer, and won't even pretend to seem like I have a grip on GIANTS matters.  Life is like that sometimes.  So, excuse me while I just ease into things.

What I do know is, I HATE PLAYING ON MONDAY NIGHT - especially to start the season!

I also know we won't have former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to kick around any more. Ben McAdoo is the new offensive boss man.

This is his first coordinator position.  He's coming to us via Green Bay where he worked for Mike McCarthy as tight ends coach, and 2 years as QB coach.  The two also worked together (rather unsuccessfully) in New Orleans and San Francisco, and is now being charged with re-inventing Big Blue's offense.

Good luck with that.

It has been well more than thirty years since Bill Walsh and Joe Montana unleashed the West Coast offense (as we know it) upon the NFL.  All this time later, it has finally made it's way to East Rutherford - formerly the realm of Smash Mouth Football.

How will that system translate here?  A noticeably bad pre-season performance offered little promise.  Otherwise, answers to that question start piling in Monday night.

There's always the promise of good pedigree, as Ben McAdoo is a disciple of Mike McCarthy,  Mike McCarthy was a disciple of Ray Rhodes, who in turn was a disciple of Mike Holmgren, who brought all he learned from Bill Walsh to Green Bay.

Can Eli Manning learn new tricks?  We'll begin talking about that after the game.

The game?  The defense needs to play exceptionally well against the Lions.  This will be a troublesome opening night for the Giants.


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