Sunday, September 14, 2014

N.Y. Giants: Big Blue Turnaround Not In Cards

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Arizona Cardinals

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: Roads To Glory And Pathways of Defeat.

Why was Megatron Johnson so open, and will Larry Fitzgerald have a similar day?

I have my suspicions about Perry Fewell and his secondary,  At the same time, you can't expect to keep guys covered for absurdly long times (although that doesn't necessarily explain their avoidance of Johnson's routes).

I harbor greater fears about a nonexistent pass rush.  You can't coach what you don't have.  It seems like the Giants haven't harassed a quarterback since the Mayan calendar ran out.  I expect a better all-around defensive effort, especially at home this week.  However, I will be paying particular attention to see if JPP can track down Carson Palmer.

More disturbing is this damn offense.  It looks frighteningly similar to the last few years.  It lacks a quality tight end, depth of quality at receiver, and until the offensive line gets rectified, and/or fortified with talent, nothing will go even remotely smoothly - new offensive coordinator, or no new coordinator.

Giants victories used to be won through their defensive and offensive lines. These days, they are the pathways of defeat.

I hardly think this ineffective offensive line, and the Giants inability to rush the ball will suddenly straighten out against one of the best teams in football defending the run.  That means this game gets put right back in the hands of Eli Manning, whom is under duress, without the element of play-action, and throwing to receivers yet to fully grasp their new system, or even prove they can merely get open.

Week Two's mission:  Get some pressure and sacks on Carson Palmer, and execute some effective offense.


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