Sunday, June 15, 2014

N.Y. Rangers: Off-Broadway Rocked While It Lasted


NEW YORK RANGERS: That Was Still The Most Fun We've Had In The Last 20 Years.

I watched all the games, but was too busy to load many thoughts aboard the Trolley...  Just as well, because I was short on words.  I mean, outside of obvious and nitpick issues, this was a difficult series to reconcile.

The Kings played very well, and lost Game Four.  The Rangers played very well (for the most part) and lost three games in overtime.  What a tough way to go down.

I refuse to put anything on Henrik Lundqvist because the Rangers did little to clear traffic in front of the net. They continued to let L.A.Kings loiter, and it cost them dearly.  At the other end, Jonathan Quick was insanely good when it mattered.  The Rangers created more than their fair share of high quality chances, but Quick rose to the occasion each time.  In hindsight, it still hard to say if a productive power play and/or Rick Nash could have changed much.

You might say we're still getting adjusted to Alain Vigneault and what his style has meant/means to the Rangers.  After a rough start, we eventually enjoyed a fine season, and locally the Rangers were clearly the rage of Spring.  Off-Broadway was rockin'.

Now what?

Two conference championship series and one Stanley Cup appearance in the last three years ensures only Glen Sather decides when he leaves office.  That said, several personnel decisions must be made.

A troublesome summer lies ahead.


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