Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Let's Go Rangers! Stanley Cup Finals - Game One Tonight



NEW YORK RANGERS: Stop Pinching Yourself Or You'll Go Blind.

Okay, maybe not, but Game One is finally upon us.  It's really happening.

Broadway versus Hollywood.
East Coast versus West Coast.  
New York City versus the City of Angels.

Whatever you call it, may the better hockey club win.

Can the Rangers compete with the L.A.Kings?   You're damn right we can.

Of course, this will be a showdown between two of the NHL's elite goal tenders - Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Quick.  Coming off their respective conference series, Henrik appears to have the hotter hand, as Quick demonstrated against the Blackhawks that he will surrender goals.

But, it will take all King Henrik's horses, and all King Henrik's men in order to pull of victory in Lord Stanley's tournament.  For now, all the Rangers need to do is win a game in Los Angeles and bring the series home to 8th Avenue.

Can the Rangers win with Rick Nash still not scoring?  They have so far, but how long can they get away with it?  Besides the power play, and what on earth happened to Cam Talbot, I have no other real issues.  In fact, I feel the Rangers are getting better the more they play together.

After several fruitful drafts, the L.A. Kings are just a very smartly put together hockey team.  A few seasons ago, they made a financial commitment to their young group of core players, which opened up a window for success that has so far yielded it's second Cup appearance, and should remain open for another two seasons to come.

The L.A. Kings have orchestrated absolutely stupid comebacks throughout these playoffs, as did the Rangers against Pittsburgh.  Both teams are going to roll four lines, and both teams are deep defensively. While the Kings are perhaps bigger, the Rangers have the edge in speed.  If the Kings forecheck is able to zero in on players, the Rangers will pay.  If the Kings look to take the body, and miss because of New York's puck movement and speed, the Kings will pay.

That said, I expect this series to go seven games.

Let's drop the puck, and...

Let's Go Rangers!


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