Monday, May 12, 2014

NYC Subway Series: First Stop, 161st Street and River Avenue

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

With A Parking Lot That Cost A Fortune To Build,
But Is Too Expensive To Park In, And Thus Remains Mostly Empty.
161st Street and River Avenue

Entering the opener of this year's Subway Series, the Yankees own a 19-17 record, and the Mets own a 17-19 record.  Not much separates them, right?

One team spent $500 million dollars during the off season to refortify their roster, while the other team in town remains upwards of $850+ million dollars in debt.

One team will be retiring the number of a former manager, and adding three more plaques to Monument Park.  However, the other team in town severed ties with the first all-star the organization ever produced, for still unexplained reasons, nor have they made a motion, or entertained the thought of retiring the number of a HOF catcher, who recently passed away as perhaps the classiest member of the Mets last championship team.

Yes, it Subwayy Series time again, only one team might be showing up to Yankee Stadium this evening in Pedi-Cabs.

As a Mets fan, yes indeed, this was all pretty deliberate.  I'm in that kind of mood today.  But, it is an expression nonetheless, of my frustration with the disparity between New York City's American and National League clubs, that for all intent and purpose, should not exist.

Am I am a disgruntled Mets fan?  No, I am not.  Rather, I am a pissed off Mets fan.

*          *          *          *

Like everything else this season, this will be Derek Jeter's last Subway Series.  I've stated many times in this blog, that I do not want to see Derek Jeter ruin his career .300 batting average. He is presently batting .250, with 29 hits in 116 at-bats.  Derek started the season with a .314 lifetime mark, but has dropped 2 points, and presently owns a career .312 average.

*          *          *          *

My greatest Subway Series moment/game?
Carlos Delgado's Nine RBI @ Yankee Stadium


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