Friday, May 23, 2014

N.Y. Rangers: The Habs Strike Back


Rangers Lead Series 2-1
I - NYR 7; MON 2
II - NYR 3; MON 1
III - MON 3; NYR 2*

NEW YORK RANGERS: A Very Costly Loss At The Garden...

When you expect to lose (at least) a game or two, does it matter how it happens?  Well, deep down the answer is yes.  But I digress.

Game Three was marked by not one, not two, not three, but four deflection goals.   You can't prepare for that.  Where P.K. Subban is concerned, that's what you call dumb luck.

Overall, the Rangers had several excellent chances.  But give credit where it's due.  Montreal's Dustin Tokarski was excellent in net making 35 saves to outlast Henrik Lundqvist, and get the Habs back in the series.

Honestly, who didn't expect Brandon Prust to continue seeking retribution for Carey Price, or to just continue doing the things he used to do so well for the Rangers?  I'm not necessarily sure he was known as a head hunter while with the Rangers.  But the intent behind his hit upon Derek Stepan was very, very questionable.  There was no call for Brandon's 1st period hit on Stepan, but, I'm not trying to be hypocritical of the situation.  I blame the refs instead.  They sucked - for both teams.

The league caught up to Brandon Prust this afternoon however, and handed down a two game suspension.   As a result of Brandon Prust's blind side hit, Derek Stepan's jaw was broken, which required surgery, and is additionally suspected of having suffered a concussion.

I also find Prust's cheap shot curious.  Could Brandon Prust still harbor resentment towards Stepan for holding out and getting paid, while Prust, who did all the team's dirty work, was unable to strike a deal with Glen Sather?  I find that curious indeed.

Circling back to the refs, by letter of the law, Dan Carcillo's 10 game suspension was warranted.  That last elbow did him in.  He would have escaped with just a penalty otherwise.  But I will question why the ref took such forceful hold of him, which triggered Carcillo's ire.  In fact, Carcillo was already in the process of putting distance between himself, and the fight between Prust and Derek Dorsett, when grabbed.

The substandard officiating is in no way limited to these instances.  Nuf ced.


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