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Brooklyn Nets: Game Seven Now Hinges On Deron Williams Unfortunate Twist Of Fate

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Deron Williams' Nets Career Still Haunted By Ankle Injuries.

Series Tied 3-3
I - BKN 94; TOR 87
II - TOR 100; BKN 95
III - BKN 102; TOR 98
IV - TOR 87; BKN 79
V - TOR 115; BKN 113
VI - BKN 97; TOR 83

Brooklyn Nets
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BROOKLYN NETS: This is far from a Willis Reed moment in the Finals against the Lakers, but if Deron Williams can lead his team to Game Seven victory while playing on a potentially bad ankle, he might finally endear himself to the Borough.

Deron Williams did not defer to Joe Johnson or Paul Pierce as was the case in previous games.  He was not out of sorts and seemingly out of control down the stretch, or committing a series of late game turnovers. Nor did his shot freeze up at the (customarily) most inopportune time.

With his critics circling like sharks off the Brooklyn waterfront, Deron Williams left little question as to who the leader of Game Six was going to be.  He started the game strong, sustained his intensity, and with little over a minute left in the 4th quarter, drained a 3-pointer which effectively ended any hopes Toronto held of a comeback.

Williams was the only Nets player to score over 20 points, to go along with 4 assists and 5 rebounds. Toronto's DeMar DeRozan was the only other player to top 20 points.  But, perhaps more importantly, Deron put to rest any inclination Nets fans in attendance at Barclays Center held of spilling out along Flatbush Avenue, and going home disappointed, depressed, or worse, irate with their team's point guard.

But, Friday night's victory over Toronto was a mixed bag of goods.

Deron Williams undoubtedly led the Nets to victory on their home court, and extended the series to a decisive seventh game.  However, what he accomplished in Game Six is what was always expected of him since his acquisition.  And, with regards to this series, unless he shakes the moniker of Every Other Game Man, the sharks will continue looking to bite.

A fickle pat on the back is all he gets for now, since everyone is expecting a repeat performance in Game Seven.  The game's elite players show upon a nightly basis, and more often than not seek to seize the moment.  The narrative of Deron Williams' entire season now hinges on his ability to seize Game Seven in Toronto.

But he rolled his ever worrisome ankle again in the 3rd quarter, and as we know, the worst of the pain and swelling takes place after the sneakers come off.  Deron Williams said it best after the game - the true test will be when the game adrenalin wears off.

This makes today, Saturday, no different from another other day this season, or any over the last three years (two in Brooklyn), in so far that fans just cross their fingers and hope Deron Williams will be able to play at a high level on Sunday.


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