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Brooklyn Nets: The De-Evolution Of Deron Williams Continues

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Heat Lead Series 2-0
I - MIA 107; BKN 86
II - MIA 94; BKN 82

BROOKLYN NETS: Will The Player Formally Known As Deron Williams Please Stand Up?

Don't you hope, in some small twisted way, that the injection Deron Williams received after rolling his ankle against the Raptors, is really masking more than meets the eye?  If he is indeed ailing more than we're led to believe, it would at least account for some of what we've seen (or haven't seen) of him, and even come as a slight relief.  Because, on the one hand, where Deron's ankles have become a source of angst for many, on the other hand, such deterioration in play (while otherwise healthy) is fast becoming in need of some other metaphysical explanation.

In any event, we are witnessing the de-evolution of an NBA star.  Or, has the time come for us to refer to Deron Williams as a former star?  In 37 minutes played in Game Two, Deron was 0/9 from the field, 0/2 from beyond the arch, and 0/0 from the free throw line.  Add it all up, and for only the 3rd time in his career, Deron Williams was held scoreless. a playoff game.

Deron did pull down 7 rebounds and issued 6 assists, but posted a game high, and dismal minus-18 for the game.

The Nets lost to Miami 94-82, a 12-point margin - effectively the difference between Deron Williams contributing, or not.

While the Heat shot (35/71) 49.3% from the field, the Nets ended the game (33/78) 42.3% from the field.   The Heat connected on just 2 more treys than did the Nets, and as noted, Deron was denied from going to the foul line.  He was a non-factor in the Nets shooting 8/14 free throws, while Miami was 14/18 from the line.  He also failed to get to the free throw line in the series opener.

If Deron Williams figures only slightly in Game Two, this series is tied.

The Nets are now forced to return to Flatbush and win both games.


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