Tuesday, April 22, 2014

N.Y. Knicks: Please Phil, Don't Stop!

From the desk of:  DUTCH PANTS CAN'T JUMP

Taxi!  Airport please, and step on it.

NEW YORK KNICKS: "The Time Has Come For Change Throughout The Franchise..." - Phil Jackson.

I couldn't agree more with Phil Jackson's decision to fire the entire coaching staff.  It was the right thing to do Knicks fans.  He was correct to declare - "The time has come for change throughout the franchise...."

You're damn right it's time!  Gut it Phil!

Let Phil Jackson put his footprint all over this organization, and then own it.  But please, don't stop there!  Steve Mills should be next.  Purge every last remnant of the old regime.  Knicks history, basketball history, even world history says that's the thing to do.  Gut it all!

The defects to this franchise go far beyond preventative, or even corrective maintenance.  Above all, this organization has been polluted under James Dolan's ownership.  All you need to know is what Steve Kerr intimated - he's skeptical of MSG's overall environment, conditions, and dark, corporate climate that permeate the organization.

Everything that ails this organizations starts at the top.  So, if indeed Phil Jackson has full, and absolute autonomy, then yeah, act like you own it.

There can only be one alpha, and it can not be a man who A) - knows nothing about basketball, and B) - is more interested in his band.  Yes, he is a business man.  No doubt.  That's why he needed Carmelo Anthony in his building, and trampled all over Donnie Walsh to get him.  But, the time has finally come to put the game, and the team, ahead of the star system and entertainment.

Too bad for Mike Woodson.  I hope he lands on his feet.  Over time, we grew to understand his flaws as a head coach.  But, he was a good guy who shouldn't have to bear full blame for players that either turned on him, or tuned him out.  That's an indictment more of the players, than anything Coach Woodson tried.

The day he took over, he said he was going to ride Carmelo Anthony.  That was a smart ploy considering Mike D'Antoni wouldn't.  To Melo's credit, by and large he stayed loyal to Coach Woodson.  The same can't be said of Tyson Chandler, and Amare Stoudemire in particular.


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