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N.Y. Knicks: Melo Sets Team Record With 62 Points

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NEW YORK KNICKS: Move Over Bernard King, And So Long Kobe Bryant!  Carmelo Anthony Scored 62 Points Friday Night Against The Charlotte Bobcats.

Friday Night Final
Charlotte   96
Knicks     125

The new king of points at Madison Square Garden is once again a Knick.  Carmelo Anthony surpassed Bernard King's long held club record of 60 points in a game, and eclipsed Kobe Bryant's MSG record of 61 points.  Kobe Bryant achieved his mark five seasons ago, while Bernard King set the former club record of 60 points back in 1984 on Christmas Day.

Melo was off to a hot start with 20 points in the 1st quarter.  But, you knew something was brewing when Carmelo nailed a shot from mid-court as the buzzer sounded to end the first half.  That unlikely bucket gave him 37 points.  Then after three quarters, Melo had 56 points.  The rest is, as they say, history.

Anthony could have scored more, lots more, but opted out of the game after 39 minutes, and with the Knicks ahead by 30 points.  When he reached 62 points for the night, there were still over seven minutes left in the 4th quarter.

The man was also a model of efficiency Friday night, shooting 66% from the field.  He was 23/35 from the floor, including 6/11 from beyond the arch, and a perfect 10/10 from the line.

He led all players in minutes, which has become his custom this season, and for good measure, led all players with 13 rebounds, which made his effort even more unique.  ESPN Stats says Anthony is only the 6th player in the last 25 years to register at least 60 points and 10 rebounds in a game.  In fact, Friday night he was only player to pull down double-digit boards.

Loathe him or love him, but give the man his due respect.  Carmelo Anthony can now add this game to his Knicks resume, along with the NBA scoring title he won last season.

Friday's victory also snapped the Knicks five game losing streak, and for a night, made fans forget about injuries, a losing record, and the coach's job security.

Lastly, naysayers sniveled that Melo did not register a single assist.  I'm one of his naysayers, but on a night such as this, he shouldn't have any assist.  The idea was to get him the ball.  Instead, look around, as five other Knicks registered at least three assists.  And to put it plainly, it's not like the Bobcats forced the 'Bockers into making extra passes with good defense.

This game doesn't erase all the Knicks problems, but on this night, Carmelo Anthony was great.  I watched Bernard King post his 60 points in a losing effort.  This time around, Carmelo was the victorious king of Madison Square Garden.


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