Tuesday, December 10, 2013

N.Y. Rangers: Even Peace Advocate Admits Blueshirts Need More Fight


NEW YORK RANGERS: I Guess Late Recognition Is Better Than Lack Of Recognition.  When Matters Become Blatantly Obvious, Even The Most Stubborn Must Eventually Recognize.

I'll be brief.

If you follow my blog - if you ride this Trolley, you know, I seldom, if ever speak of individual media members, or refer to the media in general.  I'm not here to laud, nor lash out at them.  That would be the equivalent of sports TMZ-like crap.  I have my own ideas and opinions that keep my laptop smokin', and have no need to include the media, or their opinions, in any of my reindeer games.

Sometimes however, they serve my purpose.

If you follow Raise Gresch With The Greats, then you know how I feel, and have felt for two seasons now, regarding the Rangers lack of self defense.  You know I've been keeping a running count of runs taken at Rangers players, with nary a retaliation.  You know how much I still protest the decision to let Brandon Prust walk away.

Two recent articles written by the New York Post's Larry Brooks have me rather conflicted.  First let me say, I dig his work.  I don't necessarily agree with his stance on fighting, and at times thought him a John Tortorella antagonist, but overall, he's one of the scribes I appreciate.

Article number one came upon Rick Nash's recent return to the ice.  In it, he intimated perhaps the Rangers should consider taking more major penalties in defense of fellow players.  Today, he wrote the Rangers miss Brandon Prust, and his physicality.

Yeah, no shit Larry.  But I am relieved one of the "pros" finally realizes this.

If you are indeed familiar with Larry Brook's stance on fighting, you know how hard it was for him to insinuate (or finally admit) the Rangers dire need of more fight, more fighting majors, more message sending, more physicality, more intestinal fortitude, and more of what they were two short years ago.  Until then, it's likely opposing teams will continue to enjoy impunity in their blatant disregard for Rangers wellness.

On that note, league wide deviancy and blatant disrespect among fellow NHL players is at an alarmingly all-time high.

By the way, the Rangers were defeated by the Nashville Predators this evening by a 4-1 final, and Ryan Callahan left the game with a knee injury.

That is all.


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