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N.Y. Knicks: Dolan's Rant Falls on Deaf Sneakers

From the desk of:  DUTCH PANTS CAN'T JUMP

Tuesday Final:
Bobcats  102
Knicks     98

I've Had It!  Get Isiah Thomas On The Phone!

NEW YORK KNICKS: Dolan Didn't Say That, But You Can Bet He's Thinking It.  After All Those Years Under Zeke, The Knicks Are Only Now Testing His Patience?  C'mon!  It's As If Dolan Is Almost Fabricating A Chain Of Events That Will Justify And Ultimately Pave The Way For Thomas' Return.

Knicks Lose 3rd Straight Game.
Charlotte Sticks It To Knicks Without Al Jefferson On The Floor.
Team Allows 64 Points In The First Half, And Get Destroyed On The Boards 51-38.
Has Anyone Seen The Owner?  Here's a better question - can the owner play perimeter defense?  If Sunday's loss didn't bode well for Steve Mills, then Tuesday night's continued poor defensive effort against the Bobcats must be an omen for Coach Woodson.

Prior to the season, Dolan fired former GM Glen Grunwald for no particular reason, then astonishingly brought Steve Mills back into the fold, and named him president and general manager of the Knicks.  Why?  I still don't know.  But after just ten quarters of real-time basketball, James Dolan reportedly did to Mills what he never contemplated with Isiah Thomas in all the years Zeke spent running MSG into the ground.  In fact, Steve Mills, who was the recipient of a Jimmy Dolan tongue lashing during Sunday's game, was present for the entire dark Zeke Era, and never once heard or witnessed Dolan reprimand or act badly towards Thomas during a decade's time - not even during the scandal which rocked, and inevitably brought down the House of Zeke, and cost the owner millions of dollars to defend.

Steve Mills didn't even assemble this current team, but took the heat for the Knicks pathetic play against the T-Wolves.  Or was the pathetic play of Dolan's prized acquisition, Carmelo Anthony, the root cause of his true ire?  Ever since Commissioner Stern took Zeke away from Dolan and forced Donnie Walsh on him, and through the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, Dolan has been a one-man gang.  In fact, Dolan has never been the same since the Nets stepped foot in Brooklyn.  Faced with direct competition, he's riddled with anxiety, and has been reduced to finally becoming an impetuous owner who all of a sudden tries holding people, anyone, accountable - except his star that is.  He is the same star who is on record saying he can't wait to test free agency.

If I were paying said player's salary, hearing that would make the hair in my wig stand up too.  But, the reality is, if it weren't for Barclays Center, there would be no worries.  Such as life in today's big city.  So, along with a new billion dollar facelift for MSG, came new billion dollar expectations.  Yes folks, welcome to the new Garden indeed, where a double standard is always in fashion.

Carmelo was able to take a figurative night off against the Timberwolves, but Mills caught the heat when the Knicks lost.  Indifference apparently won the day, because the Knicks followed Sunday's loss this evening with a horrible defensive first half effort against the Charlotte Bobcats, and wound up losing by a 102-97 final.

So when does Coach Woodson get verbally accosted?  Tonight?  Tomorrow morning?  Over lunch?  After all, he was originally recruited to be Mike D'Antoni's so-called defensive assistant coach, right?  I like Mike Woodson.  It's just too bad he works for a now wanna-be unpredictable basketball magnate.

In the mean time, Carmelo Anthony played 44 minutes this evening! -  and scored 32-points.  But that didn't prevent the Knicks from losing their third straight game.  That should certainly cost someone in the marketing department their job for sure.  Yet another night like this, and the MSG  mail room staff could be toast.


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