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N.Y. Giants: David Wilson's Big Flop In Texas

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NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention.  David Wilson's Opening Act Forcing Jerry Reese To Rethink His Backfield.

Obviously, the game David Wilson had is all the rage.  On his first rushing attempt of the season, he fumbled deep in Dallas territory.  When the Giants had second and goal in the second quarter, he missed his block while attempting to pick up a Cowboys blitz.  In the third quarter he fumbled again while pinned back deep in Giants territory, but this time Dallas recovered and returned the football for a touchdown.  As far as Wilson's actual production, he managed to rush seven times and averaged 2.7 yards per carry.

Coach Coughlin was clearly livid with his second year back.  If you remember, fumbling and failure to pick up the blitz were the same exact charges levied against Wilson last season.  He became a permanent member of Coughlin's dog house, and was regulated to kick returns the rest of the season.
Through Week One it seems, nothing (on the outside) has changed.  But the Giants do not have the luxury of leashing him up in the dog house again.  With Ahmad Bradshaw gone and Andre Brown out with a lengthy injury, their backfield is barren.  The scope of despair regarding how much trouble the Giants have on their hands was truly exposed in the fourth quarter, when Da'Rel Scott, subbing for Wilson, flubbed a screen pass from Eli, which was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

David Wilson is all the Giants have until Jerry Reese can import a veteran back who knows how to pick up a blitz and hold on to the ball.  That search reportedly begins Tuesday with Brandon Jacobs being one of the names under consideration.

This was the plan, to transition the Giants away from Bradshaw, through David Wilson.  That's the way it's done in the NFL.  We should not junk the plan, or curse it, just because of two fumbles.  I have no problem with Coach getting as tough as he wants to with Wilson.  But even Coach knows many great players spent a few days early in their careers looking very suspect.  If David Wilson can't get over this by next week, then we'll have a big problem.  But for right now, I'll chalk this all up to a series of bad and unfortunate events.

While that sounds all nice and forgiving, I know we have a problem.  With a clash against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos looming this Sunday, the David Wilson dilemma is more of a problem than meets the eye.  While the Giants did manage to score thirty-one points based largely on Victor Cruz' three TD catches, the Giants threw the ball forty-two times, while only ran the ball fourteen times.  Perhaps that had to do more with playing catch-up football.  But moving forward, this unbalance will not due.  It is no secret how Coach Gilbride likes to maintain a balanced attack.  For the moment, the scales are all off whack.

In the mean time, what does Coach do with David Wilson?  My answer is continue teaching him, and continue playing him.  Tiki Barber often used to fumble at theeee worse times imaginable.  As such, David Wilson suffers from a correctable ailment.  He can be taught to pick up would be blitzers as well.  What you can't teach, is break-away ability and speed.  He's young, and we've seen what he can do well.  He just needs to keep his head up, but also get his act together, and fast.


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