Saturday, August 24, 2013

MTV's Video Music Awards Come To Flatbush

Let me just tell it the way it is.  This is big.  Brooklyn is hosting the VMA's this year for the first time ever.  I'd say it's been a good first year for the Barclays Center.  And perhaps, the VMA's is still only scratching the surface.  I'm still a staunch supporter of the arena, and what it represents for the future of Brooklyn.

But I'm not going to ignore those who still couldn't be more opposed to Barclays Center, or apparently, how they operate, and for good reason.  The rat positioned at the corner of Pacific Street and Flatbush (pictured above) is a clear and continuing indication Labor is displeased with the greater arena's ongoing construction practices.  And I'll be honest with you - if I saw this sign (pictured on Pacific Street) telling me I couldn't park my car on my own block, where I live, this Sunday, I'd be pissed too!  There are obvious issues impacting the immediate neighborhoods.  The VMA's are all nice and well, but events of this magnitude need better planning as it relates to the front of someone's house.

Barclays Center; Urban Art @ Sackett Street


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