Thursday, August 08, 2013

Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese Statue In Coney Island Vandalized

That's right..., to the person or persons, responsible for this very misguided act of stupidity, I call you gutless, for idiot would be too kind.  You are most likely young, dumb, and suffer from a great many self-incurred mental deficiencies.  Fool!
The Jackie Robinson - Pee Wee Reese statue in front of MCU Park in Coney Island, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Club, was defaced with racial slurs aimed against Jewish and African Americans.
It was my good fortune and pleasure to have met Mrs. Rachel Robinson some years ago right here at MCU Park.  Then earlier this year at the Ebbets Field flag pole dedication at Barclays Center, it was again my great fortune to have met Sharon, the daughter of Jackie and Rachel.  In both instances, I was rendered speechless - awed to be in their presence.  I barley managed a proper greeting, much less expressed how humbled I was to have met them.
For someone to so easily come along and scribble crap like this, they must aspire to become a social disease.  Good luck with that.  In the mean time, I hope the cops hunt you down with bloodhounds, if only to scare the shit out of you, and tell your mommy what you did.  Won't she be proud?  Or better yet, be a real honest to goodness racists, and do something like that in the day time with people around, and see how many letters you get through before someone.................!

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