Monday, May 06, 2013

N.Y. Rangers: Game Three - Keep This House In Order


Game Three
Washington Capitals
33rd Street at 8th Avenue


NEW YORK RANGERS - Unleash The Hounds!

One way or another, the puck stops here, in Madison Square Garden.  If the Rangers plan on saving this series, their season, and maybe even their coach's job, they need to make sure their house is in order, then take their chances in a Game Seven scenario.  This is what life off-Broadway has devolved into.

John Tortorella will have the Blueshirt Nation at his back, home ice, and the last change advantages on his side this evening.  So, now is probably the best time to get Rick Nash some more favorable match-ups.  At some point, hopefully really soon, it would be nice to read his name in a boxscore.  The Rangers need goals, they need players to start scoring now - any player, and stop making Braden Holtby look like Tony freakin' Esposito - because he's not!  He's been having an ultra-easy time in net.  He said so.  That means it's time for the Blueshirts to shatter some of his confidence.

On the power play - if we go on the power play, stop playing catch at the point, and start shooting pucks on net.  Period!  Shoot from every angle.  Try to bank pucks off Holtby's ass.  Shoot them right into would-be shot blockers, and make them think twice about doing it again.  But just friggin' shoot the damn puck, and stop trying to be so damn cute.  And it just might be time to get Brad Richards out of the point too.  At this point, I wouldn't let him quarterback a pick-up game in the school yard for me.

At even strength, stop trying to hug the boards like a bunch of roaches!  Get into open ice, and shoot, while two other goons crash the net.  Give Holtby an ice bath when the opportunity presents itself.  Whatever the Rangers do, it has to be different from what they've done so far.  It hasn't worked.  So it's best if they just suit up tonight, shoot possessed, and fight for rebounds like a bunch of dogs.  Sometimes sloppy works.  Tony Esposito's brother Phil made a Hall of Fame career out of it.


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