Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brooklyn Nets: Flatbush Suffers Gut-Wrenching Loss In Third Overtime

From the desk of:   THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

Game Four Final
NETS  134
Bulls    142


Joe Johnson had his finest hour - time and again single-handed extending the Nets afternoon.  He finished with twenty-two points, but scored none bigger than the buckets setting up a second overtime.  The team faded late however, during the third overtime session and ultimately succumbed to the Chicago Bulls in a 142-134 gut-wrenching final.  This was the game they needed, but now may not recover from.  Brooklyn's backs are against the wall with their hearts in their hands, down three games to one in the series.  If the Nets do not win when the series returns to Barclays Center for Game Five, the Nets inaugural season on Flatbush will come to a hasty end.

Well after the game, little Nate Robinson no doubt still has to be the biggest pain in the Nets collective posterior.  He scored thirty-four freakin' points and absolutely went off in the fourth quarter after Gerald Wallace picked him off with the brick wall treatment.  Nate then wound up becoming the game high scorer with a ridiculous late game performance.  Prior to getting wiped out, he only had five points.  In fact, Nate was epic, as the Nets had a fourteen point lead with less than four minutes left in regulation.  Good friggin' grief man!

I can't think of much to say after a loss like that.  It was deflating to say the least.


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