Wednesday, February 06, 2013

N.Y. Giants: Jerry Reese Wields His Sword

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL - The Big Blue Purge Has Begun.  Salary Cap Forces General Manager's Hand.

Call this Blue Wednesday.  Giants general manager Jerry Reese acted swiftly and decisively.  The rebuilding of the Giants has commenced...again.  Jerry Reese spent a second consecutive day pairing down the salary cap by releasing team veterans.

On Tuesday, the Giants parted ways with linebacker Michael Boley.  For at least two seasons now, the Giants linebacking corp has needed considerable upgrades.  But I believe no one ever speculated the Giants should start by cutting Michael Boley, who has arguably been their best linbeacker.  If Jerry Reese believes this is a good move, that's all I need.  In truth, Michael Boley provided little impact in his four seasons with the G-Men.  The club will saving $4.25 million dollars by releasing Boley.

Then today, Chris Canty and enormously popular Ahmad Bradshaw were given their releases as well.  Bradshaw has been increasingly hobbled in recent years by numerous ankle and foot injuries.  However, Jerry Reese found his upcoming 2013 $3.7 million dollar salary even more prohibitive.  It is still possible Ahmad could be asked back, but only at a reduced rate.  If you remember, the Giants asked Brandon Jacobs to re-work his deal in order for them to re-sign Bradshaw to a free agent deal two seasons ago.  The free agent contract Chris Canty signed four years ago also became a drain on the Giants.  The club will save $6.5 million dollars by releasing him.  Although hobbled by injuries of his own, Chris Canty is going to be a hard body to replace.  In both stopping the run, and keeping younger team mates accountable, his presence will be missed.

Combined, the three moves shave roughly $13 million dollars off next season's projected salary cap.


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