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Brooklyn Nets: Need Bigger Hook Than Humphries To Catch Josh Smith

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BROOKLYN NETS - May Not Have Enough To Get A Deal Done....With Anybody.


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Let us not kick Billy King on this one.  Last summer, Kris Humphries needed to be signed at the time.  Coming off last season, Humph was looking like a good fit on the Nets.  Problem was, prior to this season, he was a good enough player on a very bad team.  With minutes coming his way and Deron Williams feeding him the ball, he put together an enticing season in Brook Lopez' absence.  As a new free agent, Billy King rewarded him with a two year $24 million dollar contract, mostly out of necessity.  Presently, Kris Humphries is struggling this season to carve out a niche for himself with options such as Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans on the Nets bench.  Now, the GM is trying everything possible to move him, and his contract, before today's 3pm trade deadline.

The Nets need someone who can hit the outside shot with consistency.  Billy King is trying to package Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and perhaps a number one draft pick to anyone who will listen.  That's the best the Brooks can do without disrupting the greater team.  The biggest rumor surrounds Atlanta's Josh Smith.  Apparently, the Hawks are motivated to part with Smith.  Problem is, the Hawk's GM is said to want nothing to do with Kris Humphries.  Both players are in the last year of their respective deals, and make similar money.  They both play the forward position.  But the Hawks perhaps seem to be looking for someone they can retain, and not Humph, with phantom numbers and his expiring contract.  In his ninth season, Josh Smith averages a career 15.2 points per game.  In his last seven seasons, he is averaging 16.7 ppg.  He is a career 46% shooter as well, which is precisely what the Nets need.  Smith will not turn twenty-eight years old until December.

Kris Humphries just turned twenty-eight years old this month.  Prior to signing his current deal, he averaged a double-double in two previous seasons.  In 2011-2012, he averaged 13.8 ppg, and eleven rebounds.  Kris is mentioned in a second trade rumor involving Boston's Paul Pierce.  Similarly, Boston is interested in Atlanta's Josh Smith with Paul Pierce as the hook.

Unless any team is willing to accept Kris Humphries as part of a trade, and barring anything relatively minor, it appears as if the Nets will be standing pat this afternoon.  The Dwight Howard to Brooklyn rumors seems all but dead now.  However, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith continues to say the deal could still go down.


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