Saturday, November 17, 2012

PIGSKIN 2012; Football Sunday - Week Eleven

Football Sunday
Week Eleven:
Week Nine Record:   3-9
Overall Record:   62-67-2
Schmear of the Week:   5-5
Bagels in the Basket:   -6
* After the Sunday I had last week, I should probably take a pass here, and just punt quietly.
I ain't got no posts either.  Too busy at work with post-Sandy recovery.  I'm barely awake right now just getting these picks in.  That said, let's roll some bagels before I fall asleep.

Pigskin ~ Week Eleven:
Friday Line - NYDN
Jets +3 (RAMS)
This is purely giving the Jets the benefit of the doubt.  But it's getting late awfully early for them.  There are many teams on par or doing substantially worse on defense that St. Louis.  That's bad news for the Jets because everything effectively boils down to one person Sunday; Marc Sanchez.  Whether he starts, or Tim Tebow is given his first start is irrelevant.  The game is still about Marc Sanchez.  His contract for next season is guaranteed, so he's not going anywhere.  Things will either start to get better or worse starting Sunday afternoon.  The post-game will be when the real fun starts.
REDSKINS -3 1/2 (Eagles)
The Eagles season is falling like a piano out of the sky.
Packers -3 1/2 (LIONS)
I thought the Lions could be a good team.  All is not lost yet.  But they clearly shot themselves in the paws this season.  I think this spread is right on.  It won't be a blowout.
FALCONS -10 (Cardinals)
I'm not comfortable laying this kind of wood especially in a bird on bird confrontation.  But I'm giving the Falcons the benefit of the doubt at home.  I smell a push.
Bucs -1 (PANTHERS)
What gives?  This is a sucker's bet.  Right?
COWBOYS -8 (Browns)
The 'Boys will look marvelous against the Brownies.  Dallas' ultimate failure comes later in the season.
PATRIOTS -9 1/2 (Colts)
The air is starting to get a little crispy in New England.  That means Tom Brady and the offense are just heating up.
TEXANS -15 (Jaguars)
The Texans must be flying high after beating the Bears last week.  That makes this the perfect trap game.  But the Jags are just so damn bad.
Bengals -3 1/2 (CHIEFS)
See Jaguars.  The Chiefs are giving Jacksonville a run for their money as they both vie for worst team in the league.
Saints -4 1/2 (RAIDERS)
My heart is saying take the Raiders in the Black Hole.  But one thing Oakland does extremely well is get in their own way.  Take the improving effort of the Saints.
BRONCOS -7 1/2 (Chargers)
I tried.  But I'm through this season with waiving pom-poms for Phillip Rivers.  The half point concerns me though.
Ravens -3 (STEELERS)
I'm grazing with the sheep on this one.  Without Big Ben, Joe Flacco should get the Ravens a win.
Happy Football Sunday everyone.

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