Sunday, November 11, 2012

New York Giants: Rushing To Conclusions?

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NEW YORK GIANTS: I Ask Again, Is The Offensive Line Better Without David Diehl?

I touched upon this earlier in the season, and now I feel compelled to revisit the issue. There is a building case that perhaps suggests the Offensive Line is better without David Diehl.

With David Diehl out and Sean Locklear in, the Giants were rushing for 100 yards per game. Prior to Diehl getting hurt after week two, the G-Men failed to gain 100 yards against the Cowboys and Tampa Bay. When Diehl went down and Sean Locklear stepped in, the Giants rushed for over 100 yards in three consecutive games, highlighted by Ahmad Bradshaw's 200 yard game against Cleveland. With Diehl back in the line-up the running game has regressed again with three consecutive poor efforts against the Skins, Cowboys II, and last week against the Steelers.

I do not question the results based on this season alone. Last year with David Diehl playing Left Tackle, over the course of the season the Giants did their best running to the right side behind Kareem McKenzie and Chris Snee. When they ran left behind Diehl and Kevin Boothe, the effort lacked even similar results.

Up the middle, Chris Snee is still playing like Chris Snee. David Baas and Kevin Boothe have become a nice combo. There are no real issues with Will Beatty to speak of. So that leaves Right Tackle. With Sean Locklear in, the Giants have run to one result. With Diehl in, the Giants have rushed for another.

This week, my issue is somewhat moot if Chris Snee does not play. In that case, Diehl will shift to Guard, and Locklear will play Tackle. I will however be paying close attention to how the Giants manage running outside Right Tackle, and how they fare between Tackle and Guard.

P.S. This, like many posts in my immediate future are being written on the fly. So please be patient during the next few weeks. Work, and the continuing efforts to recover from Sandy currently dominate my time. And that means no spell check either. So deal with it.


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