Sunday, November 04, 2012

New York Giants: Bending Steel

From the desk of:   DO IT FOR THE DUKE

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: The Giants Can Do What The League Hasn't Been Able To; Drop Big Ben.

Pittsburgh and the busted play - they thrive on it.  Big Ben is never more lethal than when he is scrambling about.  He is additionally highly accurate on the run.  And what his receivers do better than most is come back for the ball when Ben breaks the pocket.

Here's the thing.  The Giants can do what few teams have been able to do.  Justin Tuck, Osi, JPP, Chris Canty, and Kiwanuka are all big enough to drop him.  If the Giants keep containment, like JPP did last week, and manage to get their hands on him, Big Ben will come down.  Without containment, I feel the Giants Secondary won't be able to contend with the relationship Ben has with his receivers lest we forget Dallas had three receivers total over three hundred yards each.  But if the Ends can prevent Ben from getting outside, I think Chris Canty and Linval Joseph can limit his movement inside.

The Steelers defense will be without Safety Troy Polamalu.  But Pittsburgh is still very well stocked.  So what does that mean for the Giants?  I don't know.  But look what they did to the 49ers.  Here is something I do know.  The Giants have scored the second most points in the league behind only behind New England.

So I guess that means you know which way I'm leaning?  That was my pressed for time, post-Hurricane Sandy abbreviated pre-game posting.

Let's Go Giants.


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