Sunday, October 14, 2012

New York Jets: Ground And Pound Finally Arrives

From the desk of:   A BLUE BLOODED GIANTS FAN

NEW YORK JETS: D-Generation Rex And
Shonn Greene Go Smash Mouth Over Colts.

That's as smash mouth, or in Rex' case, that's as Ground and Pound as you get.  No trickery.  Just straight downhill rushing.  Even with Dustin Keller back on the field, Marc Sanchez only attempted eighteen passes.  Shonn Greene rushed the ball thirty two times for 161 yards.  Throw in Joe McKnight's effort and Bam! -  That's the way to do it.  Old School.

The running effort came perhaps a week too late for Rex's tastes, but the game in which the Jets gave up over 200 yards rushing to the 49ers is now a wash.  You can exhale now Jets fans.

The Jets rushed for fourteen first downs.  The Colts rushed for none.  The Jets effectively took away the run from Indianapolis.  In seventeen rushes, the Jets allowed them a scant forty one yards.  Therefore, the Jets turned the game into an Andrew Luck affair, and the rookie failed.  The Colts asked him to throw forty four times Sunday.  The Jets picked him off twice.  There's your game.

Just goes to show, if you can run the ball, and stop the other team from running the ball, the odds of winning grow exponentially.  And if you're Mark Sanchez, all you have to do is throw the damn ball when it counts.  When you run the ball the way the Jets did, it makes it easier for Mark Sanchez to spot seven different receivers.  Two touchdown passes inside the Colts ten makes him look stellar.

As a special treat, the Jets sacked Andrew Luck four times Sunday afternoon.  And Tim Tebow connected on a twenty three yard 4th down fake which led to a first down, and an eventual touchdown.  Overall, I'd say it was finally a good day for the home team.  The Jets are now 3-3 on the season, and have a bunch of confidence heading into New England next week.

Have a good week of practice boys.

Colts  9
Jets  35


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