Tuesday, August 07, 2012

N.Y. Mets: The Day, The Bullpen..., Died

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Shoot it Now, and Send This Bullpen to the Glue Factory.

The list of the ineffective; incapable; inexcusable; incompetent; and yes, the injured, is long and still growing.  It hurts me to even compile the list for you.  Find a name in the Mets' bullpen, and it applies. What applies?  Everything but the good stuff.

Collectively, the whole lot of them have been through too much; too much abuse from opposing batters, from fans, and the media; and maybe unfairly for too long as well.  You can only whip a horse so many times.  When they can't give you any more, they just can't give anymore.  Sometimes, the glue factory calls.

Now..., we can say what we will about them.  But when does it become overkill?  We do know this however.  Sandy Alderson deserves a bushel of blame and bares a huge portion of responsibility regarding Terry Collins' available choices out of the pen.  For this gang of relievers stopped pulling their weight long ago.  Everyone knew it in May.

We may now add Tim Byrdak to the list.  The aging, sub-par, relief butcher pitcher, who suddenly forgot how to comport himself in the twilight of his career, and who likes to give his catchers dirty looks, is now done for the season, and may even be done for his career.

Here is your list of ponderous bullpen issues:

*  On April 5th, Pedro Beato and D.J. Carrasco were placed on the fifteen-day disabled list.

*  On May 8th, Pedro Beato was moved to the sixty-day list.  On May 16th, D.J. Carrasco was designated for assignment.  On May 20th, Miguel Batista was placed on the fifteen-day disabled list.  On May 29th, Manny Acosta was designated for assignment.

*  On June 5th, Ramon Ramirez was placed on the fifteen-day disabled list.  On June 24th, Frank Francisco joined him.

*  On July 22nd, Miguel Batista was designated for assignment, and on July 27th, he was released...,

*  ....Which inevitably brings us into August, and Tim Byrdak.

Omitted from this list, were the young and innocent who spent the season trafficking back and forth from Buffalo.


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