Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BKN Nets ~ Team Better Off With Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez

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Barclays Center ~ July 2011

Barclays Center ~ July 2012

BROOKLYN NETS:  Team Has Dominated NYC Tabloids More in Last Two Weeks, Than in Last Twenty Years.

Dare I say, if the Nets now can just sign Kris Humphries, they are probably better off with him and Brook Lopez, than with Dwight Howard?  Yeah, I said it.  And I think it too.  With Brook Lopez dropping buckets, and Humphries banging the boards, the Nets should be in great shape.  Splitting up scoring and rebounding responsibilities also takes away the risk Dwight Howard can wipe out both facets of the game with one wrong tweak of his back.  In that case, this scenario seems to work greatly in the Nets' favor.  And don't go selling Kris Humphries short either.  This guy is emerging into a fine player.  At some point before the season starts, people are going to have to put Kardashalot behind them, and appreciate this guy.  He will be good.  He is a particularly good fit for this team as presently constituted.

These by the way, are the kind of matters that concern the Nets.  Unlike the shenanigans going on in Dolan's World, basketball matters rule the day in Brooklyn; not DUI or matching IOU's with Houston.  That team across the river is, and has been, in a state of chaos ever since the Nets broke ground on Barclays Center, Jim Dolan imported Carmelo Anthony, and ultimately pushed Donnie Walsh out the door.

But my, how the tide has changed.  This time last season, the Nets future in Brooklyn was a woeful afterthought.  A series of bad breaks, and uncertainty surrounding Deron Williams hovered over the organization like a dark rain cloud.  Billy King has changed that.  Opening night in Brooklyn, and the future of Nets basketball in the Borough of Kings looks very bright and promising now.  The Nets have dominated far more New York tabloid print space in the last two weeks, than they have in the last twenty years.  And it is coming at the Knicks' expense too.


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