Monday, June 25, 2012

N.Y. Mets ~ Resiliency Still No Equalizer Against Mets' Bullpen

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I  -  NYM 6; NYY 4
II  -  NYY 4; NYM 3
III  -  NYY 6; NYM 5

NEW YORK METS:  Bullpen Situation Becoming Critical.

In the opening game of the Roosevelt Avenue showdown, the Mets jumped on Andy Pettitte early and often, then held on for a win.  But in Game Two, the bullpen faltered, and the Mets let one get away.  The feature match-up between C.C. Sabathia and R.A. Dickey would decide the Queens stop of the Subway Series on Sunday night.

R.A. Dickey retired the Yankees on nine pitches to begin the game.  C.C. Sabathia retired the first two batters, then surrendered a single to David Wright.  That extended Wright's hitting streak to fourteen games.  David then stole second base.  When the throw down to second got away, Wright to advance to third.  But C.C. struck out Scott Hairston to end the inning.  However, the Mets made the Yankees ace throw twenty-three pitches.

Then the night took on the feeling of one of those games.  Right on cue, the game got away from both starters and into the bullpen they went.  The Yankees pulled away.  Then the Mets scrapped back.  But in the eighth, Miguel Batista surrendered a go-ahead home run to Robinson Cano.  Series over.  The Yankees win two games to one.

Miguel Batista threw one bad pitch Sunday.  But with this bullpen, it is still one pitch too many.  The Mets just can't continue to blow games like this.  Not if they plan on being a legitimate contender.  And therein lies the tipping point amongst Mets fans.

Indeed, the Mets bullpen strikes again.  Realistically speaking, where will the help come from?  And what team won't be looking for relief pitching at the trade deadline?  Right now, the only solution available for the Mets is Jenrry Mejia, who continues to work out of the bullpen in Buffalo.  It's only a matter of time now, before he's on the big club for good.

Just to be clear, I am against bringing Jenrry Mejia up this season.  In 2012, I am more interested in development than contending for a Wild Card.  But I can't speak for all Met fans.  But truth is, Jenrry has the most experience out of the young pitchers under consideration for promotion, and seems the logical choice to join the Mets' pen.  Apparently, his promotion was always part of the plan anyway.  Even then, like many roster moves the Mets have made recently, injury, or bare bottom necessity, have hastened the Mets' decisions.  Repeated implosions by the bullpen, will hasten Jenrry's promotion as well.

This season is still fun.  The last two games haven't shattered that for me, but they have certainly highlighted the Mets two most major flaws, their bullpen and defense.  Buffalo can help with the former, but in a limited capacity.  The defensive lapses in Chicago Monday night were somewhat foreshadowed by Coach Terry.  So it's best if the Mets just move on, and try again tomorrow.


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