Friday, June 15, 2012

N.J. Devils ~ Flame Out

From the desk of:   The Brick City Demons

NEW JERSEY DEVILS:  The Kings Put Martin Brodeur Under Siege.

The Devils' Best Chance at Returning to the Finals Lies With Resigning Zach Parise.

The first ten minutes of Game Six looked like it was going to be another classic grinder.  But apparently, no one forwarded the memo to Steve Bernier, who went for the pulverization method instead.  What a shame too.  The Devils had something going there.

But a five minute major and a game misconduct, effectively took two Devils off the ice, as Petr Sakora sat the penalty, while Bernier was off to the showers; done for the night.  It ended the Devils' trip to the City of Angels, and brought New Jersey's season to a most ruinous close.  Three Kings' goals in the ensuing five minute power play exorcised the Devils' remaining hopes for a fourth Stanley Cup championship.  It would not be.  The power of the Kings compelled them.

The final score was 6-1, and to Martin Brodeur, I'm sure he was just as embarrassed as the meltdown actually looked.

The Devils were no fluke.  I'll say that right now.  I can't help but think how they stormed back last season, and just missed the playoffs.  And I think that team, and this year's team, was more representative of the Devils than the team which played under John MacLean.

So where do the Devils go from here?  Zach Parise is no doubt priority number one.  The soon to be free agent apparently wants to stay with the Devils.  But truth be told, the organization's finances are in shambles.  If they do manage to resign him, look out Atlantic Division, as he's heading into his prime.


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