Wednesday, May 09, 2012

N.Y.Mets ~ Amazins Taking Care of Other Philly Team

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:   Bats Pop "Clutch" in Ninth Inning.  Win Second Straight Over Phillies.

No, these aren't the Phillies we're used to seeing.  But beating anyone in a Phillies uniform is always good.  Especially the way the Mets have taken care of the Phils over the first two games of this series.  Filling in for injured Ruben Tejada Monday, Jordany Valdespin's first ever MLB hit was a game deciding home run off Jon Papelbon.  With the way Tuesday's game transpired replete with fielding misplays and errant throws on Philly's part, it looked more like the sort of game we would have lost two years ago.

Miguel Batista..., I know.  But what a job turned in by the much maligned bullpen - 4.2 innings, no runs, and only two hits allowed.  This bullpen lives a precarious existence, but when you look at them, when they've been needed to come through most (sigh), they have. Tuesday marked the second straight night they put the Phillies to bed in convincing fashion.

If you remember, the starting rotation's third time around the loop was a complete fail.  So when you weed out the extraneous stuff, the bullpen is doin' OK, and the Mets are now four games over the .500 mark.  The starting pitching has been consistent, even though they will be pressed with out Pelfry.  And the bullpen is....the bullpen.  Both units haven't really synced up yet.  But when they both hit it off well on the same night, the Mets look really sharp.

Lucas Duda was 2 for 4 Tuesday.  Every time I see him hit one up the middle or go the other way, I want to do cartwheels.  By June, this kid is going to be just fine.  In the absence of Jason Bay, I guess there's room in the outfield for Andres Torres and Kirk Neiuwenhuis after all.  And together, they killed at the top of the line-up, going 4 for 8 and four runs scored.  As a matter of fact, the Mets first four hitters in the line-up all had multiple hits.  The next hitter, Daniel Murphy, would have usually been a lock to make five.

And then..., there's Ike Davis.  He took the collar Tuesday going 0 for 4 on the night.  I still have no doubt he'll turn things around by summer time.  And when he does, if the pitching holds up? - how can you not envision competitive divisional play?

With the way Johan, Dickey, and Niese have been pitching?  They can grow into an in-season big three rivaling those of the National League.  Of course, a only healthy Johan Santana makes that possible.  And Dillon Gee still gives us more depth at the four than most of our competitors have.

Just remember what I always say - You can't win pennants in April, but you can lose them in April.  And the Mets did well to make April a pretty good month when compared to last season.  A good April start guarantees nothing.  But it just keeps your possibilities in tact moving forward.

Tomorrow the Metropolitans will go for the series sweep against the Phillies.  Broad Street is already wounded after losing to the New Jersey Devils and being eliminated from the NHL playoffs.  What do you say we throw some salt in that open cheese steak wound?

Let's Go Mets!


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