Monday, May 28, 2012

N.Y. Rangers ~ The Big Blue Iceberg Will Surge Again


The NYR's 2011-2012 Season Was Still a Classic.

NEW YORK RANGERS:  If That's the Way it Ends..., So Be it.

Right off the bat, I will tell you the New York Rangers met my 2011-2012 expectations.  And today, I am a happy fan.  I am one of those forward thinkers, who believes the best days for these Rangers are still ahead of them.  Of course I wouldn't be so comfortable saying that had this team not been under construction the right way.  Or at least the way they've been constructed so far, which most of us have been quite satisfied with.  So why kill them for losing?  If anything, these youngsters still need to learn how to become finishers.  And there are other matters to address as well.

But look how far they've come in such a short time.  Today we beat on the door.  Tomorrow we knock it down.

I still believe we will have our day soon.  I do not view this as an opportunity lost, and a fleeting chance we'll have to wait another eighteen years for again.  Hardly.   I was against making a deal at the trade-deadline for a reason.  And with this blog as my witness, I stand by it all.

Knowing everything we knew about the Rangers, I think our downfall had more to do with the absence of Brandon Dubinsky than anything else.  Now that I've had some separation between Game Six and today, I'm less inclined to hurl blame at people for our Conference Finals failure against the Devils.  Winning a Cup would have been nice and all, but I'm still of the notion we are a young rebuilding hockey club.

The time to tinker with this club is now, or soon; during the up coming off-season.  Not during the trade deadline that passed.  Now we can go out and find more scoring, having still retained Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto, and Chris Kreider.  And we'll be better for it.  This is not Back To The 'Ol Drawing Board.

The Big Blue Iceberg got held up.  But when it slips forward again, watch out.  There will be a lot of stored energy released.


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