Monday, April 02, 2012

N.Y. Cosmos ~ CHINAGLIA!! A Soccer Legend Passes

NEW YORK COSMOS:   Number 9 Strikes His Final Goal.

From the ages of ten through fifteen or so, I was one of those kids who attended New York Cosmos games at the old Meadowlands.  Basketball was the first sport I ever played and had a passion for.  And Baseball was and always will be my first true love in life.  Hockey, then Football found my favor.  However, Soccer was the first sport I was ever exposed to as a child.  Passed down to me from my Pop, I still maintain an Old World love for the game, and a passion for our favorite team outside this country.

I am here to tell you now - In those days, attending games, being a fan, and rooting-on the Cosmos, was as thrilling a time for me, as any time I've spent rooting-on my regular teams.  For me, the late 70's was a era made memorable by Chris Chambliss' home run in game five of the 1976 ALCS; because I was there; - by Ron Greschner's clinching goal against the Islanders in 1979; and by watching Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, and Giorgio Chinaglia win NASL Championships together.

Giorgio Chinaglia was as much a great sports figure to me, and in my opinion, as much a super star in this city, as there ever was.  I'm happy to have been a witness to that whole Cosmos phenomenon back then.  And I am happy and feel fortunate to have seen the great Giorgio Chinaglia play in person.

Yes, he was great; as great as any player was in their respective sport.   At least that's the way this kid saw things back then.  And I still feel that way today.

Rest in Peace, and thank you.


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