Monday, March 12, 2012

N.Y.Mets ~ Doctors Swing and Miss Again

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  3,487 Days of the Same Old Stuff, and Counting.

Eh..., What's Up Doc?  No really.  What's up?  Why is another Met injury being RE-EVALUATED?  And why does this cycle continue?

In the name of Dr. Moreau, will someone please explain to me how I can get a medical degree before Opening Day, so I can help the Mets with their ongoing health care problems myself?  Instead of just complaining about it, as you see, I'm willing to take a more active role in my favorite team.  It's not like I can do any worse.  The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone - Learn how to open child safety caps - and have a good billing clerk.  How hard can it be?  To think, these doctors go through over a decade of school to learn their craft.  Did we get the stoners of the class?

If the Mets haven't been getting their medical issues so wrong, for so long, I wouldn't have to say things like:

Welcome to Day Three Thousand Eight Hundred Seven of
The AGE of WILPONianism.

On August 24, 2002 - Fred Wilpon secured Nelson Doubleday's 50% stake in the team.  We've been shackled in the grip of WILPONianism ever since.

One of the hallmarks in this era of ponderous futility has come via the Mets' history of repeated medical misdiagnoses, questionable practices and policies, and in-fighting over treatment.  Even more problematic than those issues, has been the great deal of indecision on the part of team doctors.  A word of caution - That's if we take things at face value.

When you're the owner, you're going to get Wilpon this and Wilpon that.  So being he's nothing more than a pinata to us right now, let's get to talking about how this Medical Staff has now baffled not one General Manager; not two General Managers; but THREE General Managers under the Wilpons.

In the case of Jim Duquette, there is no case for Jim Duquette.  Fred Wilpon never allowed him to act like a General Manager.  What Fred said in those days was law.  That went for injuries, insurance, cortisone shots, and band-aids as well.  In the case of Omar Minaya, in the earlier years of his reign, no one was interested in mocking his command of the English language.  But towards the end, I believe the Media perhaps enjoyed cornering Omar Minaya into tongue-twisting situations that demanded explanations, such as the constant flow of controversy surrounding the Mets' on-going ailments, injuries, and continuing mishandling of them all.  The Media caught Omar off guard with Beltran-Gate and made him pay a severe price for it, as if relishing in the moment.

Over the last two seasons, the Medical Staff has even succeeded in making Sandy Alderson; a vastly intelligent, and very well spoken person; sound like a babbling fool.  At times, even he is at a loss for words when he has to change stories on a near daily basis and is forced to backtrack on previous player diagnoses.

For us Fans, this is old hat.  For Sandy Alderson, he's now a victim of the Machine too.

Why is David Wright going back to New York now? - Now being the key word.  And why can't these guys ever figure things out the first time around?  That said, last season, rumors floated about contract issues and insurance policies influencing some of the Mets' recent decisions.  I don't know what the problem is and rumors are just that, - rumors.  But if it's not the owner; if it's not the General Managers; and it's not a case of malingering players; what could possibly be the problem?  These are supposed to be renown doctors.  What are we supposed to think?


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