Tuesday, March 27, 2012

N.Y. Rangers ~ Let's Go Islanders!!



101 Points; 1st Place Atlantic Division; #1 Eastern Conference
Minnesota Wild

Land of 10,000 Lakes

The Battle To Be Number One Starts Now!

NEW YORK RANGERS:  Hey Brotha!  Can Ya Spare a Win?

Beard growing season is almost upon us and from One through Eight, the Eastern Conference standings are still far from being settled.  For the Rangers, winning these next two games are paramount in deciding not only the Atlantic Division, but the Eastern Conference's number one seed as well.

If there is a soft spot for both the Rangers and Penguins in their remaining regular season schedule, these next two games are it.  And that doesn't exactly bode well for the Blueshirts.

The Penguins start a home-and-home against the Islanders tonight.  For Ranger fans, that's the same thing as saying the number one scoring team in all the NHL hosts the Eastern Conference's weakest scoring team.  Only three Western Conference clubs have less goals scored than the Islanders.

The Penguins are one point behind the Rangers heading into tonight's action.  They will get to play at home this evening, while the Blueshirts play the first of two games on the road against a moribund Wild team in Minnesota, followed by the Jets in Winnipeg.  Even though Minnesota is the weakest scoring team in the league this season, Winnipeg is on par with the Blueshirts' scoring.

So, advantage; Penguins.

Tonight can turn into the flip-game.  With a Rangers loss and a Pittsburgh win, the Penguins will take over first place in the Atlantic Division, and the Eastern Conference lead.  Should that happen, it will be hello to fourth place for the Rangers; which will also bring them face to face with Philly.

I know we're old time rivals with little love lost between us regardless of how lean the times have gotten in Uniondale.  But sometimes New Yorkers need to unite in a common cause, ya know?  If you (the Islanders) can find it within yourselves to beat the Penguins in Pittsburgh tonight, we Ranger Fans would be mighty grateful.  And maybe in return, we can beat some teams next season and help you carve out a path to the playoffs also.

I have no doubt you guys will try your best tonight.  That's all we can really ask.  And if not, well, Potvin still Sucks!  So, that said.., beat The Penguins Tonight!  And...,

Let's Go Islanders!


New York Islanders
Pittsburgh Penguins
100 Points; 2nd Place Atlantic Division; #4 Eastern Conference

West of Amish Country


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