Monday, February 13, 2012

N.Y. Rangers ~ The Frauds Woke Up To Hockey Today


NEW YORK RANGERS:   Don't Look Now, But The Media Is Finally On To Us!

What a bunch of Frauds!

New York Ranger Blue Bloods have watched this team get assembled player by player and have watched them take their lumps, learn and grow-up together.  And finally we are enjoying some of the fruits of fan's and organizational patience pay off - for this team is now excelling together.  What we have watched over the last two and a half seasons has been a lesson in the benefits of hard work, resilience, adherence to a plan, and dedicating oneself to the man playing next to you and to the overall common cause.  These Rangers also serve as a template for team building with an eye focused on sustained success over a prolonged period of time.

That's these New York Rangers.  They've been lurching forward with the slow yet steady, methodical pace and power of a glacier and grinding up teams in their path along the way.  They are yet to get over-matched in effort nor be out-done with regards to their will to win this season.  The little things they couldn't manage last season, they seemingly master this season.  The games they tried pushing into yet another shoot-out last season have been replaced with an ability to close games this season.  Fear and anxieties involved with thoughts of the proverbial other shoe falling off on yet another gut-wrenching third period, have become times of poise, control, and strong finishes.

They lead the Eastern Conference by seven points over the Boston Bruins; who incidentally, we play Tuesday night in Beantown.  But the fact is, the Rangers assumed first place in the Conference shortly after the Christmas holiday and validated their standing by beating the Bruins on January 21st.  What's more, the Rangers wrestled first place in the Atlantic Division away from the Philadelphia Flyers back on December 23rd, and have never looked back.  And since then, have gone on to defeat the Flyers four more times; all consecutively may I add.

This season, they've defeated damn near all comers.  Some teams who seemingly have a knack against us have been Toronto; Montreal; and now New Jersey.  But that is neither here nor there.  The Rangers have stood up to all teams placed in front of them.  Ever since Joe Thornton of the Sharks called the Rangers "Soft", the Rangers have done nothing but pound away at the competition.

The Penguins; Flyers; Sharks; Canucks; Tampa; Boston; Florida;  - those are some of the top NHL teams this season.  They have all fallen to the Rangers.  It's only now, well after wins against the Tampa Bay Lightning, then the Philadelphia Flyers this past week, and triggered by yet another convincing win over the Washington Capitals Sunday, that the Media finally discovered there's a high caliber of Hockey being played this season by the New York Rangers.

With the Football Giants having wrapped up the Super Bowl, and the city's attention fully turned to Madison Square Garden until Baseball's Opening Day, the Media all of a sudden decided to make today the day they all came out to talk about the Rangers as if they've been on them all season like Blueshirt.

Frauds!  Both tabloids had secondary articles, and two pages dedicated to the Rangers today.  But nary a front page to date.  The talkies..., oh the talkies!  Outside of one person on the New York City airwaves, please! - don't embarrass yourselves!  Excuse me, I respect two personalities.  But very simply and succinctly, the rest of them come off as frauds, not to mention wholly uneducated in the sport.  I'd rather the talkies stay true to themselves, and not talk Hockey at all, than insult our intelligence they way they routinely do.

Other than the Hockey scribes we know and respect, the tertiary articles by people who travel to far off countries and write about their busing and brunch experiences is completely laughable and wholly lacking respect to the Rangers, Hockey, and Fan acumen.  That applies to all covering and participating tabloids.  And the talkies just have no idea how silly they sound.  Listening to them talk Hockey is akin to me telling a NASA scientist - Hey Sport, get me that thingy over there for the whatchamacallit.


Frauds.  They know nothing and will prove it.  They always do.  Where were they when the Rangers were winning seven in a row; then five in a row; then five in a row again?  Where were they when they took over first place of the Division?  Where were they when we passed Boston seven points ago?  Where were they for the Winter Classic?  Where were the to report on Marian Gaborik's resurgence and for a time, being the NHL's top goal scorer this season?  Where were they to cover Marc Staal's return?  Where were they to talk about Henrik, Gaborik, and Girardi in the All-Star Game?  And how about Dan Girardi, who incidentally has one of the ultimate hockey success stories ever?  I bet they couldn't recognize Carl Hagelin if he married one of their own sisters.

What do they know unless someone gives them a crash course first, then sends them on the air hoping for the best?  How deep do you really expect them to get beyond Henrik Lundqvist being a great goalie and Ryan Callahan being a model Captain?  I almost want Larry Brooks to take a vacation just to see what these...(?) can do.  What ever they come up with, I can almost guarantee would be feeble at best.  One of the younger lads of the air dared give Glen Sather full credit for this season's success.  Wrong my friend.  You don't get kudos like that after eleven years.  I said once before, Glen Sather gets credit for hiring Gordie Clark and his evaluating skills.  And then heap huge sums of credit upon John Tortorella for being the ultimate alpha-leader (and yes! - the ultimate shot caller also) of this Blueshirt resurgence.  Only then may you start lauding the processes of a Mr. Glen Sather, and how he and James Dolan have nothing to do with this.

If Sunday's win over Alex Ovechkin and the Caps, and today's reaction was any indication that the New York Rangers have finally forced the Media to once and for all take notice of a wildly entertaining season that started back in October....., I'd sooner suggest A) - Don't even bother.  It's too late to gain any credibility now.  You guys don't know hockey anyway.  And B) - Like I said, don't insult our collective intelligence.  Although, to a large degree, that's what they enjoy most and do best.

There are two or three radio personalities I do have an affinity for.  And they know their Hockey well.  Otherwise  -  Lets Go Rangers indeed.   And spare us the details.  We already know...., and have known..., and have always known..., long before you frauds flipped-on to tell us the Rangers can not be ignored.  Where the hell have you been?



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