Sunday, February 19, 2012

N.Y. Rangers ~ Don't Smash The Cap With Nash


NEW YORK RANGERS:  Save Our Cash.  Pass On Nash.

Fellow Ranger Fans - Do we really want Rick Nash?  Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.  Me?  I'd rather have Vinny Prospal back.  But then again, as the deadline nears, I am even less interested in making a major deal than I was a week ago.  Tonight, let Rick Nash come and go from your view without nary a thought.  He could help us this season.  I grant the trade supporters that.  But he'd be disastrous to our future.  And I believe this Rangers team is closer to being complete, than it is in need of making such an alteration.  The off-season strikes me as a far better time for us to make such a fix.

In addition to the instant burst of offense many believe he'd supply, I know the other argument as a long-time Ranger Fan myself.  The Rangers have an opportunity to get a player we've always longed to have; a really tough guy on the ice who can score goals.  We've long wanted the perfect hybrid player mix of Nick Fotiu and Mike Gartner.  And this is as big a chance we've had as any.  Am I wrong?  If you're really interested in going there, bring back Sean Avery.  Sean Avery is still one of the most gifted wingers to ever work behind the goal.  I always thought Avery was as good as Wayne Gretzky when passing from behind the net.   But this is not a plea to bring Sean Avery back.  Avery no longer fits, and neither does Rick Nash.

My fellow Ranger Fans, instead I say to you,  -  This is our moment of truth.  Are we to make a full break from past practices and continue building this team according to a cohesive plan and sound philosophy?  Or, will our impulses get the better of us yet again, and steer us towards the big splash.  When faced with adversity, to do the impulsive thing; to make the rash decision; and undermining your principles; are the easy things to do.  To stick with the plan put in place; to practice patience; to stay committed to an organizational philosophy; to have self-discipline; are all hard.  To go back to our old ways of Just Spending the Money, is easy.  To stay committed to Coach Torts' vision of and for this team, and staying on the path he's blazed for us, is hard.

I remember what "1940" used to sound like.  And not before too long, "1994" won't be far behind.  I actually know why we do Potvin Sucks.  I watched Nicky Fotiu play!  So I'm right there with you.  But we do not need to make a deal for Rick Nash.  Which ever way you size him up, the up-front cost, and the long term ramifications are too much and too prohibitive, as tempting as he may be.

To not believe in what we're doing is easy.  To believe is hard.

Lets Go Rangers!


Columbus Blue Jackets

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