Wednesday, February 01, 2012

N.Y. Rangers ~ Blueshirts Fall in Devils Playground


Devil's Playground Graffiti

NEW YORK RANGERS:   I Told You the Devils Were Serious.

Bad bounce; bad break; bad loss; and a bad way to start the official second half of the season.  Credit Martin Brodeur for outlasting Marty Biron and the Rangers last night.  But don't say I didn't warn you.  Brodeur is having fun again, remember?  Sure he looked like a mere fragment of his former self when he flopped into the dead cockroach position on Brian Boyle's goal.  And he looked rather old on Michael Del Zotto's goal as well.  But let a guy like that catch a break and allow him some extra time, and we're talking about how great he is again.

Game Two in this season's Battle of the Hudson series goes to the Devils.  Yeah..., like I said, - don't look now.  New Jersey's three way tie for seventh is yesterday's news.  They own the seventh spot all to themselves today with fifty-seven points.  Last year is a long time ago for them.  On February 1, 2012, the Devils are in possession of a playoff spot that eluded them last season like Bigfoot evades TMZ.  It's their spot to lose now.

For the Rangers, last night depends more on whether you're a glass half empty, or a glass half full person.  Me?  Starting Marty Biron against Martin Brodeur was cool.  I haven't been calling Biron the best back-up goalie in Hockey for nothing.  And being that Henrik played in the All-Star Game; why not?  We were less than a minute away from getting out of The Rock with a second win this season.  So we have to settle for one point.  We split two games on New Jersey's ice so far.  Look at it that way.

As you can tell, I'm trying to stick to the high road.  This was the first game back from the break and we should at least wait for a trend to develop before the Rangers see the Devils again next Tuesday.  We'll be in Buffalo tonight and then play host to Philly on Sunday.

If I wanted to really take issue with yesterday's game, consider the Rangers' three goals came from Stralman; Boyle; and Del Zotto.  The three have combined to score twelve goals all season.  Meanwhile, Zach Parise, Kovalchuk, and David Clarkson did what they get paid to do; score goals.  The three have combined to net fifty-three goals this season.  You know where I'm going with that, don't you?

So yeah, I think I'll stick with the high road for today.  Brian Boyle and Michael Del Zotto both exhibited polish and patience on their goals.  At least that tells me the Rangers' heads are in a good place.


Battle for The Empire State

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