Wednesday, February 15, 2012

N.Y. Mets ~ Oh William Shea, What Have We Done?

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Money Ball Means Cheap Ball.  We Are There.  Happy Dubious 50th Anniversary Met Fans!

Just consider this me trying to get back into a baseball frame of mind.  Okay?

I was just starting to like Wayne Hagin too.  He grew on me.  And he was really smart too.  Now let's see how long Josh Lewin takes to get used to.  A pair of local boys (with Howie Rose) calling the game together should make for an interesting spin on the radio.  And if this season turns out to be what we think it will become, we're going to see just how creative Josh Lewin can be.  And he'll need to be just that; really creative.  For the franchise's Fiftieth Anniversary Season might become uncommonly difficult to describe.

The Mets' General Manager however, thinks these Mets will surprise this season.  My question is - Surprise who?  The Marlins?  The Nationals?  We never could beat them before and we're supposed to surprise them now?  Who else will we be surprising?  Inter-League foes?  The Phillies?  I wonder.  And I'm starting to wonder about Sandy Alderson too.

For starters, I think I like the stoic Sandy Alderson better.  The problem with our General Manager Tweeting all the way down I-95 was that instead of being funny, many are taking his cracks as a foreshadowing of the season as well as the future of this organization.  The Mets' cupcake sale of $20 million dollar shares in the club has done little to bolster fan sentiment, nor improve our confidence in the Wilpons being able to continue as viable owners.  The cupcakes are just a life preserver while the money is going to pay bills, which leaves us with the Madoff Lawsuit.  March 19th is when Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz will have their day in court.  With ONE being very positive, and TEN being the worst case scenario, from everything we've red so far, I give Met Ownership's ability to find their way out of this mess  a 7.75 difficulty rating.

Why all of a sudden am I getting the impression Sandy Alderson is not in this for the long haul?  With two potential GM's in the wings, something tells me he'll want out if things get increasingly worse for the Wilpons.  Think about it; Money Ball means Cheap Ball.  We are there.

So this is the way we start the 2012 season?  Or maybe I'm just stretching out loud?

Oh, William Shea - what have we done?


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