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N.Y. Mets ~ Now Trending; The Flushing Infirmiry

From the desk of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Hey Doc; It Hurts When I Do This. Doctor Says - Let Me Take a Look.  Mets Say, Just Don't Do That Anymore.

Bu-dmp bmp!   Hey, Take my Mets...., Please!

I'd just like to add to what Adam Rubin of ESPN so wonderfully riffed about on Twitter recently as he admonished a certain team's medical staff and organizational decisions.  If you're not up to date on the story, check out this article on and this article on

*Add John Maine's shoulder uncertainty and how Dan Warthen bullied him into pitching.

*Add confusion over Oliver Perez' knee upon his arrival from the Winter Leagues.

*Add anything and everything that was ever wrong with Luis Castillo, whom at times, the organization not so directly questioned his mettle.

*Add Carlos Beltran and Operation Gate where both parties were never on the same page of music regarding the status of Beltran's knee(s).

*Carlos Delgado's hip?

*What about all the second-guessing they did over Bobby Parnell's arm?

*They were even equally befuddled over what ailed Pedro Martinez.

*And with regards to Jose Reyes, this is the same team that tried teaching him a new way to run.

*  ...and there's more.  You know that.  Sigh.

And those are just the players off the top of my head in addition to all the cases stated by Adam Rubin.  I have long said I wouldn't trust the Mets' Medical Staff to put a band-aid on me. - Not with their record over the last five to seven years.  Most Met Fans I know have always found this dynamic utterly ponderous.  We always suspected being snake-bit was one thing.  But in the back of our minds, we suspected incompetence, or worse yet, some nefarious in-house standard operating procedure was at work.  And in a few cases, even malingering was suspected.  But of course, no one knows anything for sure.  Right?

The Mets and MLB face the same strains health care costs impose on everyone these days.  Sports companies are not immune to that; pardon the pun.  Don't take that as a veiled accusation of anything.  But what we know is that the Mets suffered an inordinate amount of injuries, and in a preponderance of cases during this era in question, is that most were misdiagnosed the first time around or as we're slowly finding out, ignored.

Not that I was a Cindy Lauper fan of any kind, but she did a song; Money Changes Everything.  And in the Mets' case, it has done just that; Changed Everything.  Take that for what it's worth.

And speaking of worth; how much is a car worth when you sell off the doors; bumpers; radio; and the spare tire?  The sale of Met mini-muffins shares is said by the Club to be almost completed.  But that money is already earmarked to pay bills and debt.  Will that balance the books?  We're going to find out in March.  But until then, the longer this whole Wilpon mess lingers, the more we learn.  And the more we learn about the inner-functions of the Mets, the more sick we've become.  But if we just stay away from the Met doctors, we should be fine.

Pitchers; Catchers; and the Walking Wounded:

33 Days and a Wake-Up


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