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N.Y. Giants ~ Has History Taught You Nothing?

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Divisional Round Weekend

Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field in
of Green Bay, Wisconsin

NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:   No One Ever Gives This Team a Shot.  And That's Just The Way We Like It!


Let the Pain Begin

There was no way the Giants were supposed to do what they did to Joe Montana on their way to doing what they did to John Elway.  Deep down, no one other than Giant Fans thought they'd pull that off.  In 1990, no one thought the Giants would be able to do the same thing to Joe Montana that we did to him in 1986, again.  Then people gave the Giants even less of a chance to do anything to stop Jim Kelly.  There was no way the Giants were going to stop him and Buffalo's mighty offense.  And remember how there was no way in hell the Giants would go into Green Bay and beat the NFC's top seeded team and Brett Favbrvrevbrb in sub-zero weather?  And remember how everyone predicted DOOM for the Giants when they went up against Tom Brady?

If history has taught us anything, it's that any quarterback can be beat.  Just ask Drew Brees, and all those quarterbacks I mentioned above.  A guy named Rex Smith beat the mighty Drew Brees at his own game Saturday because the Saints' defense wasn't as good as San Francisco's.

For the Giants, a guy like Phil Simms; who was almost laughed out of the building when drafted out of Moorehead State; beat Montana and Elway multiple times.  His back-up; Jeff Hostetler; stepped in to beat the mighty, and defending Super Bowl Champion Joe Montana...again!  But not before a guy named Leonard Marshall erased Montana from competition with one hit; just like Jim Burt did five years prior.  Then Jeff Hostetler out-did Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, in Super Bowl XXV.

Eli Manning?  He didn't have four full years in the league yet before he stepped on a frozen field and defeated Brett Favre in such frigid weather no one would willingly expose themselves to.  And even then, there's probably millions of people on Earth who would have come up with an excuse not to be out in that cold because they're weak minded.  Yet Eli Manning kept finding Plaxico Buress and Amani Toomer using his bare right hand.  Eli and the Giants were even less likely to topple the undefeated New England Patriots, and their ELITE quarterback; Tom Brady.  But little Eli and the Giants did it anyway.

Who cares where Eli Manning ranks on the Elite Quarterbacks list!  That's not a question.  That's a statement.  The Media banter regarding Eli's elite status is becoming one of the most tired topics of the day.  He's the New York Giants' quarterback; he's good enough for us; and he's good enough to beat Aaron Rodgers.  We Giants Fans could care less who's ahead of him on the subjectively great list of QB's.   He's our guy and that's who we want handling the pigskin; Period!  So please, keep that conversation in your cubicles.  Lists are for the have-nots and slow news days.  Debate with yourselves; go ahead and keep telling each other how great each other is.  In the mean time, we have our guy and that's it.   I can't reiterate enough - Who Cares!

The Media always loves to wax nostalgic whenever the Giants do anything well, or unexpectedly.  But prior to the fact, they kill them any chance they get.  So, this is old hat for us fans, isn't it?  And so, here we are again.  No one is giving this team a shot.  They'll say we have a good chance today just to cover their behinds.  But relatively no one is decidedly picking the Giants.

Me?  I could care less what the Packers can and can not do.  They interest me not.  If you're my age, we get that from Bill Parcells.  He told other teams he was going to run the ball.  He just dared you to stop him.  And so, all I care about is what the Football Giants can and can not do; and what we do well, and what we do not.  Because if the Giants show up today and play Giants Football, we fans have nothing to worry about.  But then again, thinking like that is not in our nature now is it? 

Speaking for myself, I root scared unlike our green-counterparts of the city.  And I think most Giants fans do too.  We are a confident and smart Blue Bunch.  But sometimes the Media can wear on anyone.  I think we relish the moment people start putting the underdog tag on our collars.  But when the "Crazed Dogs" get let off the leash and prove people wrong, the sharp-tongued doubters scatter, and the naysayers silently slither away hoping to get away un-noticed.

Welcome back to Green Bay folks and here we are again.  This time is like any other time for the New York Football Giants.  We are tasked with yet another Mission Impossible.  Aaron Rodgers has been deified by the Media and has a statue of his likeness located on ESPN/Bristol University Campus which was carved from a single block of cheese in his honor.  How dare the Giants even entertain the prospects of winning this game?  Shame on them and anyone else who thinks the Giants can win.  Just leave your Man-Card at the door and leave before they have you arrested for trespassing.

....Because an Aw-Shucks kid from the South ain't gonna beat no quarterback who does THE BELT move every time he throws a touchdown pass. - Especially when that's what the corporate suits at the networks want also.  Yeah..., because Aaron Rodgers just oozes testosterone like sweat pouring down the brows of those Dancers With The Stars, which is what American Pop TV hounds and leaches suck on these days.  So get in step they say!  Because the Giants' Secondary can't Do The Hustle with; nor can the Giants' pass rush Tango with Lord Rodgers of the twenty-fifth and a half.... Century!!!!

Problem is, the dance is over.  Let the game begin.  This team is exactly where Jerry Reese said it would be.  In the second round of the playoffs it doesn't matter how the Giants got here.  The fact is, the Giants' General Manager and I expected them to be in this position.  And now that they are here, I assure you they aren't just happy to be here and they certainly didn't travel all the way to Green Bay to congratulate their friends after the game on a job well done either.

I don't care how many weapons Aaron Rodgers has because we have weapons too.  I don't care how good Aaron Rodgers is, because our quarterback is good too.  I don't care how cold it is in Green Bay, because when I left my house this morning, it was pretty damn cold here as well.  And I don't give a damn about the history and nostalgia of playing in Lambeau Field because we are the New York Football Giants - Established in 1925.

January Football, to me, is still all about physicality.  And from the Packers' defense, I'm just not feeling it.  They can't bring the pain like a healthy Giants squad can and will.   And with all Perry Fewell's DOGS in place, I know this Giants Defense can bring three hours of violence upon anyone; especially the Packers' Offensive Line.  I pity the fools!  Aaron Rodgers will still need that BELT of his for when they strap him onto a stretcher.

Yes, I'm predicting a Giants victory tonight.  Has history taught you nothing?  So look out!  Bad Guys coming through.


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