Thursday, December 01, 2011

N.Y. Rangers ~ Push Pens Aside; Blow Into Carolina


NEW YORK RANGERS:  Finish Strong November With Consecutive Wins Over Washington, Philadelphia, and

I go to about ten to twelve games a year.  Tuesday night was my first game this season.  And I must say, they did a good job with new sections on the 7th and 8th Avenue ends of the Garden.  On either end between the 300 and 400 levels, there used to be dead space prior to the renovations.  So nice job there.  And the new upper level concourse is sweet too. 

My seats are now by the new writer's section.  I saw Larry Brooks and former Devil Bill Guerin taking in the game together.  But the best part of having the writers right below me is that I can check out replays on their monitors.

Nice job Tuesday night by the fans too.  The place was buzzing a lot more for a game this early in the season than it has over the last few years.  You could sense the electricity early as it looked like everyone was in their seats by the time John Amirante came out to sing the National Anthem.  I'm sure Sidney Crosby had something to do with that.  No?

As soon as they dropped the puck, Sean Avery and Tyler Kennedy dropped gloves.  They got off light when the Zebras only gave them two minutes apiece.  But clearly not satisfied, right out of their respective boxes the two went at it again first chance they got.  This time they both got the deserved five for fighting each.

Needless to say, the place was going nuts.  But not so much when the Pens went up 1-0 to open the scoring.  But the Rangers powered up in the second period with four goals against Marc Fleury -(whom I think is a horrible goalie.  I'm not quite sure why Pittsburgh sticks with him).

I know we scored two goals on the power play, but you really can't appreciation nor understand how futile the Rangers' power play really is until you see it in person.  Geez! 

But I'm not doing that today.  Not yet anyway.

After the Rangers had their seven game winning streak stopped in Montreal and followed that up with a sticker in Florida, the Rangers have gone on to defeat Washington on their ice; Philly at home; and then came Tuesday night's victory against the Penguins.  I sensed, as I stated in my last post, once the schedule compressed a little bit again, the Blueshirts would be OK.  Those two lethargic losses against Florida and Montreal, I thought were due to too long a lay-off in between games. 

Well, December is going to be a really busy month for the Rangers.  Now we'll have to deal with the opposite; wondering when we'll get some decent rest.


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