Monday, December 26, 2011

N.Y. Knicks ~ MELO Flavored Drops

From the desk of:   DUTCH PANTS CAN'T JUMP

NEW YORK KNICKS:  Melo Dropped Seventeen 4th Quarter Buckets to DEE-FEAT the Celtics.

The Knicks first victory of the season is out of the way.  Hallelujah to that.  But game one of a sixty-six game test of endurance did not come without it's first casualty.  As if the Knicks didn't already have enough troubles at point guard, add one more.  Iman Shumpert will be out between two to four weeks.   It's a good thing they are going with the quantity over quality method at the point.  Who ever is next in line, it's time to step up.

Giving up 104 points to the Celtics who played without Paul Pierce wasn't the picture perfect way to inaugurate the newest Knicks era.  During the second and third quarters of the game, the Dee-Fence disappeared.  And during the third period with Melo on the bench, so did the offense; as well as their double digit lead.  They tightened things up in the fourth quarter while Melo dropped seventeen points to bail them out.

Did you catch that?  After just the first game of the season, we got a tease of what life with Melo, and what life without Melo can be like.  With Melo on the bench in the third period, the Knicks were one team.  When he returned in the fourth quarter, they were another.  I think it's safe to read into that.  With only two pre-season games, it's safe to read into anything.

The Knicks have a lot to learn about Dee-Fence to say the least.  The guy they brought in to spear-head that effort was taken out by his own man in the closing moment of the game.  That nearly cost the Knicks an opening day win at the Garden because a younger Kevin Garnett with fresher legs  makes that last second shot.  If I find it ironic the game ended on a Kevin Garnett missed shot, it's not because the image of him draining a big bucket against us last year in the playoffs still lingers. Instead it's because Garnett was able to put up a wide open mid-range jumper from the right side because Tyson Chandler got needlessly picked by his own man.

Would the League's rules prohibit Tyson Chandler from wearing a whistle while he's trying to teach his team mates Dee-Fence on the fly?

**Knicks mural; Tick Tock Diner, NYC


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